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How to Add an Ethernet Adapter to Amazon Fire TV Stick I bought this due to the fact that I was having a bit of connection issues with my internet. It wasn't extremely bad but LAN connection will always be better imho. Having this UGREEN adapter definitely helps. I notice no hiccups now and will also keep my connection better established. Seems that whenever the firestick sleeps it lose ... This Video Published Since or about 2 years ago ago Hosted by and Published by Channel: That
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This TV has been perfect for the price. I got it probably 4 years ago, before Roku and the Amazon Firestick were a thing. I’ve definitely put the Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other apps to good use. The picture is great and I never have issues connecting to WiFi, which I greatly appreciate. This TV was a great value and is still operating as if I just bought it.
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cane_diesel 25 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
I am having buffering and video quality issues for the last week. These issues are specific to the YouTube TV app running on the Firestick. There are no bandwidth issues on my network. Please help.

200Weezie 16 Mar 2018 shared via Twitter
I have Hulu Live, but it buffers like crazy on my Firestick. Does YouTube TV suffer from the same issues?

Robbie_Norris May 22 shared via Twitter
YouTube TV also works with a Firestick. I’ve been using it for 6 months and never have buffering issues.

TeamYouTube 29 May 2019 shared via Twitter
We're not yet officially supporting amazon firestick, which may be causing these issues. We're working on bringing YouTube TV to Fire TV devices later this year, but don't have specifics on when that will happen. Here's a current list of supported devices:

NewJerseyJambo 1 May 2019 shared via Twitter
YouTube Tv does work with Firestick. We’re about to quit Hulu Live too. They’ve been trying to fix these issues for weeks and clearly cant. The “fix” every time is to give the same checklist that never addresses the issue and they try to make it sound like this isn’t widespread

LouieTheSnail Jan 12
Hate Sling. YouTube TV works better. Amazon firestick with 10MBS internet speed. 2 TV's, 2 Laptops, and Voice over internet Vonage service and haven't had any buffering issues. When you get your firestick, get the newest models. It may cost a little more,but they are faster.

jtylerk9 Jan 26
No issues with YouTube TV everyonce in a while it freezes on my firestick but just reset and it's all good

DDLindeman Jan 4
I’m a little over a month into that situation. YouTubeTV, Netflix and a family Disney account. I pay less than $100 a month. I’ve got both Roku and Firestick. No issues.

notagentsmith 25 Nov 2017
I have Amazon Prime, works ok but Roku works faster for me than the Firestick. For me HBO, YouTube better on the Roku. Also, b/c Amazon issues w/ Google, YouTube TV going to Roku soon says Google - no word on Firestick

reneeisto Jan 23
😂 I saw the apps I mostly use on it too (really just Netflix, YouTube, and Disney+) now but I was particularly intrigued by using iTunes on my tv since screen mirroring from my phone to firestick always has issues. But duly noted!

JamesHu3282 20 Oct 2019
Really? What do you use to stream Roku firestick? I do ps Vue with fire tv and haven’t had any issues. I have no clue why I even tried YouTube tv because I like Vue so much. But until you try them all you will never know which one best suits you I guess.

MrATallon Mar 9
hello, has their been any reported issues of juddering every 5 seconds or so from the YouTubeTV app on FireStick 4K?

IAmUltimatePred 13 Jan 2018
Firestick. But I haven't had any issues with any other app on the stick. Just CBS. So...they get the boot. If CBS would be NORMAL and allow Hulu access, I could have it on my Hulu Live. But CBS thinks people wanna pay $6 for their shit app.

AronWiest Mar 22
There were some issues with the YouTube broadcast. Tried watching the Facebook video of today’s service on TV via Amazon Firestick, but only got sound. Try mirroring on Apple TV next time. For now 👂 KNNA 95.7FM: The Cross – Christ's Living Word for you

EZ_Levingston 9 Jan 2019
I added a video to a playlist How to fix sound issues on The Amazon FireStick or The Amazon TV Top

tazzman22 Feb 18
Considering & exploring ? Choose a service w/bandwidth on server side. Thinking may not ready for prime time yet. Used Wi-Fi analyzer & getting 75mbps after pinging but heavy freezing & buffering, but Netflix no issues.✅

I have been getting SERIOUS buffering issues the past 3 days... oh, and I have Spectrum internet. What can I do? I have NO accessibility through my FireStick.

KartikBhalla12 10 Dec 2017
whats up with you and blocking youtube on amazon fire stuffs ? @AmazonVideoIN ain't enough for firestick to be in market. is the main stuff people use android TV for. Better is that you solve your issues with google

WWATMD 5 Dec 2017
Hey ... you and need to work out your issues. Lack of on your Fire TV and Firestick is a major problem. I'll just go buy a chromecast and start using it instead.

vineeth_2905 May 8
True. Bought a firestick for an LG Smart TV that runs on Opera OS. Except YouTube and Netflix no other ott apps are supported. Screen casting has issues with audio delay.

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