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PhysicalLitera3 May 23 shared via Twitter
They will be on cbhpe hopefully by Tuesday! I simply inserted my YouTube video and dragged it over a clip art of a tv! Animoji’s can be recorded using the clips app I also added a comic filter to make it more cartoony

AMINER777 May 9 shared via Twitter
If you take a look at the ‘Blue Church’ in the sports industry you can see this illustrated: newspaper box scores -> ESPN TV highlights -> podcasts/blogs/YouTube channels. Chaos comes from the need to control the narrative. It’s up to us to filter for the valuable content.

ChrisPirillo Mar 30 shared via Twitter
...yeah, and I do wish it had a NO SPORTS EVER filter. Or just remembered that I absolutely loathe some of the networks it carries (since, apparently, I have to pay for everything I don't want).

frankcifaldi Feb 2 shared via Twitter
Okay go to YouTube, search puppy bowl, filter to only show live videos. Puppy Pirate TV

JasonMolter May 12 shared via Twitter
This is great! Looking forward to checking out on !! Also, is there an app I can pay for that would auto-filter out all the knee-jerk "give us NFL Network" comments on these announcements? Thanks again!

WoodSylva May 6
Yeah, I can imagine they would upset you, did you block them somehow? Would be good if youtube let people filter what ads they saw, also wish TV would do the same.

YvesGuez Feb 8
YouTube TV's DVR doesn't let you ‘record’ new-shows-only, nor does it allow you to choose from which channel to record a show. e.g., ‘Family Guy’ is syndicated on several channels, but new episodes are only on Fox. YTTV gives you all of them by default, with no way to filter.

leedholden Feb 12
Sorry to read about the issues with users abusing the system. If it helps a youtube channel called big jet tv dose read outs from community during his live broadcasts. Doing it this why you can filter out any unwanted stuff and interact with the interesting comments.

GeekTrainer May 5
is there a way to set a filter and record everything which matches it?

trickycrayon May 17
I wish let you filter ads because I'm fucking sick of pretending it's not just another fucking diet. Fuck diet culture.

Lakers0316 Mar 31
Best part of is you can filter your guide to where is never seen.

is good and on TV had excellent coverage with proper experts on the Boris story. Otherwise I have totally switched off TV news and pick up things via Twitter and YouTube. on here is a good filter.

JohnstonAbril 1 Dec 2019
Yalls ever remember just watching videos on YouTube and some weird ass anime video in a rainbow filter just be sittin there in your recommended in like 2012 or so. Also, the old YouTube logo when it was a brown tv 📺....I’m crying now

Miguelg1984 14 Dec 2019
YouTube is way greater than TV. No filter, love it.

Numberopinion May 14
At a time when YouTube does factual programming better, makes drivel entertainment cheaper, and reports news (minus the filter), what does the BBC do? Closes it's only quality TV station.

ronaldb Apr 23
YouTube TV has a very annoying feature, that when you pause the show to look at something, it puts a dark gray filter over the screen with the title etc, with no way to move that out of the way. My vote for the worst "feature".

KishanJop1V Feb 21
What trauma u talking about kmt ...shot fire everyday and every weh, u see tv or youtube a filter nuttin

JemMinie2613 May 28
BTS Jimin's solo song "Filter" has garnered more than 24 million views on YouTube. Earlier, "Filter" entered the U.S Billboard singles chart 100 & the UK's official chart at the same time(Source: Exports News | Naver TV Entertainment) Like & recommend👇 🖇

Interestingly though is that some smart tv YouTube apps use their own separate ad dns that makes them easier to filter; on Samsung TVs they all grab YouTube ads from and therefore the results are better on the TV proper.

Twitsareangry Mar 18
I got water treatment built in- expensive filter, but who cares when it comes to clean water? It's designed to pump from anywhere, including stagnant water. As to command centers, well, I don't know nothing 'bout that, it's just my TV.😉

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