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jonathan_shen7 Feb 22 shared via Twitter
Is there a cap onto how much I can put in my savings account since I have my Way2Save Savings account and I use my debit card 10x (actually, it’s more than 10x now)? 💳

lolYisus 26 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter

jonathan_shen7 21 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
So if the APY for my Way2Save Savings account is less than even 0.50%, then what’s the point of having it if I’m going to end up having such a low interest? 🤔 🏦

mybanktracker 2 Jun 2016 shared via Twitter

FinancialBrand 3 Jun 2009 shared via Twitter
Wells Fargo to keep Wachovia's "Way2Save" automatic savings product http://bit.ly/cbycD Will be expanded nationwide. Customers happy.

TheMalloryHall 5 Jun 2016
New post: Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings Account Review | MyBankTracker

jaysmokesbudah 14 Oct 2013
you have the way2save savings account ?

TheMoneyTree 11 Oct 2009
Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings Account @ Personal Finance, Credit ... http://bit.ly/vxhlz

macroaxis 17 Jul 2009
The Way2Save Savings Plan By Wachovia http://bit.ly/3wBMvB

electramatt 11 Oct 2017
For WF, I would say use the Way2Save savings account and a CD account. The CD account is timed, so your money is locked in +

__DaChosen1__ 30 Jul 2012
i mean wells fargo you got your checking, way2save, savings. How is yall setup?

Ask_WellsFargo 29 Aug 2014
For more info on the Way2Save Savings, visit or call a banker at 1-800-869-3557. ^SN

HutchCPA_I 10 Mar 2019
Wells Fargo Way2Save savings account. Criminal

EGuidesservice 17 Jul 2018

anicyn_ 10 Oct 2017
If you have Wells Fargo is called a way2save savings account and set up save as you go

vinceJlogan 16 Aug 2016
If u have a Way2Save savings acct, know that they r stealing $5/month from u unless u transfer $1/day & $25/month from checking.

ruadhan1334 4 Jun 2016
Over the last couple weeks, another $11 was automatically added to my Way2Save savings ac...

nyakouthjoseph 16 Jul 2015
My Way2Save Savings Account has to go. 😒

ljacks130 16 Apr 2015
😂 RT @MelechT: And now you transferring money from your Way2Save Savings account to cover your quesadillas and his prime cut steak...

UMNExtAgPro 12 Feb 2015
Way2Save Savings Account — Savings — Wells Fargou u7-😝

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