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liopika 4 hours ago shared via Twitter
hello everyone !! this is about the aave reddit post thats been spreading around! first.. its a copy pasta and its more of a joke mocking aave. the second pic is something else thats been posted by the same person

MoBeebot 7 hours ago shared via Twitter

Flux06621088 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
Operation Pridefall is a hate campaign where a small group of anons from 4chan's pol board are going to attempt to spam anti lgbt content on twitter and reddit specifically content lying about gay people being paedophiles this is their plans first image is newest 1/2

crossingcitrine May 26 shared via Twitter
found this on reddit had to share

BolshevikPotato 9 hours ago shared via Twitter
The only good thing to ever come out of reddit

ctellecampbell 12 hours ago
Not often I find myself agreeing with Reddit, but this post had me nodding along

eitarin 4 hours ago
🚨i dont speak for all black people.🚨non-black oomfs, about the aave reddit post: saying: "i don't want to, but i'm going to the store sis" doesn't bother me! saying: "ion wanna but im finna go to the store" can annoy me! you see the difference in the sentences? yea🤕

real_Skemooo 3 hours ago
Some 4K renders of Cheryl, Pyramid Head and Bunny Legion. I posted more on reddit, link below

accessnow 7 minutes ago
Join our AMA today, Thursday May 28 @ 12:00EDT/18:00CET. We'll discuss the risks that response initiatives pose to such as contact-tracing apps, location tracking, GPS data monitoring, drones & facial recognition.

Sigis_mond 12 hours ago

incineroarfan69 11 hours ago
thinking about that one time when I posted a pic of me playing the Witcher 3 with gay porn in the background on r/gaming and got almost 2k upvotes & reddit gold

_fels1 15 hours ago
Best things I have read on Pornhub and Reddit past decade. Like the saying goes - A man who is able to tame his penis has solved 75% of his problems on this planet.

PowerGotNow 6 hours ago
No way I just read this on Reddit...

ComplexSports 9 hours ago
During a Reddit AMA, Gilbert Arenas talked about breaking into 's house and his NBA playing days. More:

asscredit 2 hours ago
Reddit, the #1 PR site for the police

Iovingrenjun 1 hour ago
additionally, i would like to add that apparently this list was from the reddit r/copypasta, so it was made with the intentions of being a meme, hence it could be inaccurate. please read this thread for more information about that!

hamajineo 19 hours ago
reddit never disappoints. absolutely no other context provided, just looks like a rant, jesus.

accessnow May 27
On Thursday, May 28 at 12pm EDT, , and will be on for an AMA on privacy and surveillance in the context of . Join us and Ask Us Anything!

GTABase 16 hours ago
There are good people in the world By Reddit user: skdust

letscrybangtan 9 hours ago

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