way2save ink cartridges - Felixwinqvist

InkIsLife27 3 hours ago shared via Twitter
Idk him, but a lot of people from Pawtucket do, this is sad. Somebody gotta know something. 🙆🏽‍♂️

tmj_ink_cstsrv 17 minutes ago shared via Twitter
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Ink_demon_ 51 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Wtf was i doing last night. 😐 and why did i make this outfit. 🤦🏽‍♀️

tokyo_sexwhale 11 hours ago shared via Twitter
IT’S COMPETITION TIME! This Lego Trooper has two tiny specks where the ink didn’t take. Rather than throw it away one of you can win it. To win simply RT and follow and I’ll pick a random winner from the RTs this Saturday (30th) 7pm.

mygbebe 5 hours ago shared via Twitter
The thing about it was that antis were mad at Dae/chwita and Wh/at Do Y/ou Th/ink the most and he really said it was traps he set up as if to catch cockroaches who never learns 😭 Boss and King sh/it

seul_00 5 hours ago

tmj_ink_cstsrv 2 hours ago
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PaperAndInkZine 5 hours ago
How far into reading a novel do you give up if it is not gripping you?

ShellydInferno 1 hour ago
Slinging fire at Girl Ink Photo by LykhArts

Mosqi 4 hours ago
Still a lot of blue ink to use! Fuka fanart, from Disgaea 4

LGerchel 3 hours ago
Savage Rogue - X-MEN Pencil, ink, markers on A4 Bristol paper. Original art for sale. Contact at creon.art@gmail.com for details and purchase. /Character ©Marvel /Image ©L.Gerchel / Cre.O.N

Ly_the_creator 13 hours ago
404&inkRE ! Ink “you can leave, I’m having a moment with my ‘enemy’” Sans Still remain the same to this day ever since I first draw him😂😂

faith_shieldof 1 hour ago
U r truly dumb! Why would they describe the invaders as Black as ink except the white teeth they have? WHY? Why didn’t they describe the fraudulent paintings ur Arab brethren put up in the past few centuries in an attempt to steal history??😂👇🏽👇🏽 Hard for u to swallow😂😂

letsgetIoud 19 minutes ago

Tarebi_ 10 hours ago
Dear me, I'll make you proud one day.

_sebastian_ink 4 hours ago
My biggest flaw is that I don’t trust anything nowadays. One wrong move and I’m falling back

AleDuran_UT 1 hour ago
I made the female version of my Ink 🥺👉👈💞 I loved how the result came out😔❤️💞💞💞

InkByX 5 hours ago
Lemmi start my day and tat this nigga before he go do something crazy to himself lol

SketchLisa 10 hours ago
a rainy day in Vienna. An ex prime time in watercolour and ink

History_Ink1008 10 hours ago
1/n Hoyshala Architecture.  Amruteshvara temple is located in the village of Amruthapur . The temple was built in 1196 C.E. by Amrutheshwara Dandanayaka under Hoysala King Veera Ballala II.

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