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Ironically, the number one killer of Black America is abortions - 13 million, and counting...
Writing Awesome Male Characters: What You're Doing Wrong
Hannah Heath: Writing Awesome Male Characters: What You're Doing...
MCS and Housing
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Environmental Sensitivities (ES), Electrical Hyper-Sensitivities (EHS) and Housing Contents Section One: Background Section Two: Recommended transitional hous...
Importance of the Oxford Comma
The importance of the oxford comma... but seriously,
Oh yes....Yes I am
Poem: Guardian Angels
Poem: Guardian Angels
Perfectly worded!!!!
( - ) When they wear too much ...
Now in! Schooled bodies? : negotiating adolescent validation through press, peers and parents / Majella McSharry – BF 724.3 MCS. Search SOLO for 307142248
Political Concepts
Photo by Niki Mc on March 14 2020
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Medical Merry-Go-Round | -- For those of us with migraines or other chronic medical conditions, you know how frustrating the medical system can be….Where the system as a whole breaks down is when you need to see multiple providers, & the total lack of communication between them.
Modern Meets Traditional in this Award-Winning Farmhouse
Modern Meets Traditional in this Award-Winning Farmhouse
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Wordables on Instagram: “Please don’t settle.”
Please don’t settle.
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00048_04, Bombay/Mumbai, India, 1996, INDIA-10205. A railway porter sleeps on the bench waiting for the train to arrive in the station. Porters form an entire economy system on their own in Delhi, and operate on licenses that are valid for the lifetime of the bearer. Bombay (Mumbai), India, 1996. "I try to capture the dignity of the people whom I photograph." Magnum Photos, NYC5924, MCS1996002K202 Railway porter sleeping on a bench, Bombay, India, 1996. Pg. 106, Untold: The Stories Behind ...
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Fragrance Chemicals: Weapons of Environmental and Human Destruction
We are surrounded by and saturated with fragrance chemicals now. Fragrance Chemicals: Weapons of Destruction (if you have been impacted, you know this is not hyperbole) Most fragrances are now are …
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seven x mc | Tumblr
seven x mc | Tumblr
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jazzpk 12 Dec 2015 shared via Twitter
@UniQue_MCQs Validity of SMS bundle is 7 Days and charges will be Rs. 10.99+tax. Thank you

MedEdChat Apr 9 shared via Twitter
T2 Do we need to be as rigid about reliability and validity of MCQs? Test security? Should assessments be done in an entirely different manner that one can't normalize?

VGLDClasses Apr 9 shared via Twitter
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jobadge 21 Mar 2011 shared via Twitter
what do you mean by validity and honesty? MCQs as tool to accurately assess knowledge?

DonaldClark 1 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Decision making very specific task. MCQs have some validity but so often poorly designed that they give the 'illusion' of learning... interesting research that shows no. of options should be 3 but rarely see this in practice... &

MattSPeet 27 Oct 2018
I’ve always been very sceptical if MCQs - I find the element of choice deceptive- knowing the children in a cohort, you can make the distinction who will simple pick at random, reducing the validity of the individual pupils test and the distortion of the whole cohorts data.

KristianStill 19 Apr 2017
As most common. For a while I investigated MCQs for checking knowledge. Quick, easy to assess. High validity. Worked with Quickkey.

DSGhataura 8 Jul 2018
"Presence of/No-presence of" is faster to mark and faster to do. So perhaps a paper bubble sheet of MCQs + explanations, and a series of 1 markers? You can get high-density info then but be wary of "validity issues"You can also collapse 2 and 3 markers but again, loss of info.

magician_babbar 17 Feb 2018
I added a video to a playlist Reliability and Validity of Research with MCQs | in Hindi | CBSE UGC

lcgeography 24 Aug 2019
MCQs are not the only form of assessment we do. But we have found a very close correlation between how students perform in those to how they perform in exam style questions & mocks. We've been well persuaded of their validity as an assessment tool.

hopkinsdavid 21 Mar 2011
Anyone got any research on validity on MCQs and 'honesty' of student participants they could share pls?

DonaldClark 13 Sep 2018
Yip. Suspect that most people writing MCQs don't pay attention to research on validity - but it's essential. 3 options better than 4 and so on...

StatsAffairs 26 Feb 2013
Do multiple choice tests really work? S Conversation between S Bhogle & R Karandikar about validity of MCQs

surreallyno 11 Jun 2016
There is always tension between validity and reliability in assessment. MCQs and open-ended questions are no different.

shitalbhandary 17 Jul 2019
I am not saying that we don't need to take PCB exam but we need to test other cognitive and non-cognitive abilities. And, lets give evidence of validity and reliabilty too. Medical educators must not be happy with the recall type of PCB mcqs for MBBS exam, we need applicationS.

bokera1 27 Jan 2019
The balance...using only MCQs tests for assessment of Doctors..unwanted lack of validity...

alshobaily 2 Dec 2015
more validity and reliability as the MCQs items will cover more topics and learning objectives 👍🏼

Khan_McQs 20 May 2014
Telenor SIM Jo 5 April Se Use Nhi Ke - DiaL 2222 - Aur Hasil Karain 1000 Mins 200 MBs 2000 sMs - Validity 15 Days

Mr_Raichura 22 Sep 2016
Short answer recall. Plan to do MCQs as every other end of term assessment because of their high validity (if written well).

Hizbullah90 14 Mar 2019
US did cut visa validity for Pakistanis from 5 years to: √ A: 1 year B: 2 years C: 3 years

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