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Potting Shed Heroes: Paul Rand
If you were to sit down and write a list of what you consider to be the ten most powerful brands of all time the chance is that at least 3 of the will have
Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci got into the most pointed exchange of the Senate coronavirus hearing so far
Rand Paul: Relax Marijuana Penalties, Allow States to Determine Pot Policy | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has stated although he doesn’t personally believe cannabis should be legalized, the current penalties are overly harsh, and he supports I-502 & Amendment 64. “I want things to be decided more at a local basis, with more compassion. I think it would make us as Republicans different,” Paul said. Lets hope the GOP absorbs more Libertarian ideals.
Proposed Ford logo by Paul Rand - Paul Rand - Wikipedia
Rand Paul says he did the right thing by not following coronavirus testing guidelines
Rand Paul Becomes the First Senator to Test Positive for the Coronavirus
Rand Paul. Probably my favorite Senator.
Famous left handers
Famous Lefties
Rand Paul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Paul Rand - Wikipedia
Westinghouse Ad
Westinghouse ad: designed by Paul Rand
Impeachment: even the Senate's oath is controversial in hyperpartisan age
Why Iran Wants to Get Bombed
Colorforms! One of my favorite childhood toys!
Paul Rand
Logo A Go Go
Koch-Con Round One Winner
apple computer think different ads - Google Search
Rand Paul's Economic 'Freedom' zone sounds like what Wiki describes as a Race to the Bottom: "...governments deregulate the business environment or taxes in order to attract or retain economic activity in their jurisdictions, resulting in lower wages, worse working conditions and fewer environmental protections."
IBM The bee is for the Service Divisions...find that bug!!
'RAND - Rand Paul' Sticker by AmericanVenom

GottaLaff 30 Oct 2013 shared via Twitter
Miss this? VIDEO: Rand Paul's Wiki-plagiarism scandal "is getting worse by the day." And it just did.

JamilSmith 28 Oct 2013 shared via Twitter
Rand Paul plagiarized the "Gattaca" Wiki page to argue that abortion is akin to eugenics. I'll let explain:

ce399fascism 30 Oct 2013 shared via Twitter
": Watch as Rand Paul plagiarizes Gattaca's Wiki page for campaign speech: " is like

_borderline0 6 Apr 2017 shared via Twitter
Lmao. Wiki lays out its sources takes seconds to look at them.

jkfecke 4 Nov 2013 shared via Twitter
Google Ron Paul. Wiki Rand Paul.

StJambrose 31 Oct 2013
Rand Paul's Wiki-whoopsie. RT: @SenRandPaul pledges caution amid more borrowed language

TheDanLovingood 6 Nov 2013
EXACTLY! I'm not defending Rand Paul, but WiKi's concept is sound, and I have contributed $$$ to them.

nickpwing 29 Oct 2013
Rand Paul plagiarized from the Wiki of a movie about kids being accused of cheating

Maarak 28 Oct 2013
Rand Paul reads the wiki entry for Gattaca (starts around 1:15)

Rightvote 7 Nov 2013
Rand Paul flunks the media - After Rand Paul owned up to inappropriately lifting language from a magazine and Wiki...

woesong 5 Nov 2013
If even Rand Paul can use Wiki, @Rechtsstaat_Doc - I'm sure you can.

LilEsBella 28 Oct 2013
. Rand Paul plagiarized the Wiki page of Gattaca & Rachel made it seem like only Rand & 2 other people saw the movie

kilokeal 29 Oct 2013
This Rand Paul speech sounds a lot like the Wikipedia page for 'Gattaca': New game: Rand Paul speech or Wiki...

eriContrarian 28 Jan 2015
Rand Paul's staff lifting a wiki page = wall to wall coverage. Bill Clinton besties with admitted pedophile = nothing to see here, folks.

fireupchips90 May 21
Wiki? LOL

CelebVogueBlog 16 Aug 2019
Politician Rand Paul Wiki, Bio, Age , Career, Spouse, Children, Political Party, Height & Net Worth via @

BolandDrummer 7 Apr 2015
Rand Paul's wiki has been deleted by "anonymous user". Hmmm, turd burglars?

RobertaSaidThat 28 Jan 2014
And now, Rand Paul will read the Wiki plot summary of Species III.

DoubtingTomFYI 7 Jan 2014
New York is doing good, they are flocking to NY. IDK where you get your facts, Rand Paul Wiki?

techimnot 5 Nov 2013
johanns doesn't even know what he's reading. first time he's seen it. heritage or rand paul/wiki write that?

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