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During his two-day visit, Mr. Trump is expected to announce a $100 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia as evidence of a renewed commitment by the United States to the security of the Gulf region.
Rand Paul was right
When Rand Paul took control of the Senate floor just before 6 p.m. Eastern, virtually every one of his Republican colleagues grimaced. Five years ago, they would have cheered him.

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Rand Paul Drops a NUKE From Senate Floor After Recovering From Coronavirus via

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Rand Paul Drops a NUKE From Senate Floor After Recovering From Coronavirus via

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Imagine being stuck on a Zoom call with Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell. SPARE OUR CONGRESSMEN FROM THIS HORROR!

mkraju Apr 21
Rand Paul says he wants it to be known that he opposed the package but won’t object to force the Senate to have a roll call vote

igorbobic Apr 21
Rand Paul offered a motion in support of setting up remote voting McConnell objected!

Rand Paul has been given $174,000 in our tax dollars a year to do absolutely nothing but fill pockets and make his donors richer, so he can go to hell.

BlakeWeiner Apr 16
pov: you are on a date with united states senator rand paul at mcdonald’s

Sen. Rand Paul, a coronavirus survivor, says he wants to open the country

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"Far from rendering Rand Paul’s brand of politics irrelevant, it seems possible, even probable, that the wake of the coronavirus will be a powerful boost to the animating spirt of libertarianism: Leave me alone."

David_Boaz Apr 18
She said this to Rolling Stone too: (“But not for the Paul Ryan reasons. . . . There was something about how [Ayn Rand] highlighted the capacity of a person to be more than.”) AS inspires lots of young women to be strong and ambitious, without getting the politics.

vgr Apr 14
Rand Paul grew a beard. Apply Beard theory. Btw, this is really the sweet spot for Vox explainerism. Inconsequential stuff involving too little science to get dangerously wrong.

By M.T. Arthur Senator Paul has survived and now volunteers (he is a medical doctor). Others have joined in to do what they can. Some Good News: Rand Paul Defeats COVID-19

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According to a Ballotpedia questionnaire he completed, Tarrio’s role models include Donald Trump, Kanye West, Roger Stone, Jack Posobiec, Rand Paul and Michelle Malkin.

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Republican senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul slammed the Senate today for passing a $484 billion coronavirus rescue package while lawmakers remained scattered across the U.S.

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NOW: Sen. Rand Paul is pushing back with sharp words (if calm tone) at the idea that POTUS could/should consider adjourning Congress. Lots of George III talk that is never a great comparison for a president. What a pro forma!

Acyn Apr 21
Rand Paul speaking out against Trump adjourning Congress where he draws a comparison between the President and Charles I

We note with profound regret the death of Paul H. O'Neill, a longtime RAND trustee and corporate chief executive who served as President George W. Bush's first secretary of the Treasury.

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“But not for the Paul Ryan reasons,” she says in . “There was something about how [Ayn Rand] highlighted the capacity of a person to be more than.” So she admires it not as ideology but as literature. Yikes.

iammikejv Apr 21
Maybe Rand Paul would like to volunteer to go to work in potentially hazardous conditions during a pandemic that's still out of control.

Lol, imagine thinking Rand Paul is a communist

Senator Rand Paul obviously isn't concerned with wearing a mask or having a good seal since he's already recovered from coronavirus. His choice of facial hair is somewhere on the right top row of this chart from CDC.

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