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Obamacare Created or Hiked 13 Taxes, Networks Ignore Them in 87 Percent of Stories | Media Research Center
N Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi Young | If you think Nancy Pelosi was a pretty hot babe before she lost her ...
Calling into Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on Friday, a retired Lt. Col. and Special Operations planner for 15 years said standard protocol dictates that as soon as the White House situation room received the emails about the attack in Benghazi, someone is supposed to go directly to the president of the United States and brief him. If the Obama administration asserts that the president was not immediately made aware of the attack, the caller said, it’s a “bald faced lie.”
Has Obama Found a Way To Build His Civilian National Security Force? - Freedom Outpost
Has Obama Found a Way To Build His Civilian National Security Force? - Freedom…
Nancy Pelosi Says She’s Not Interested in Being House Speaker Again
Nancy Pelosi Young | Nancy Pelosi Says Shes Not Interested in Being Speaker of the House ...
Sarah Palin
They were all LIARS to begin with. How do you think Obama got into office? By the media vetting him and telling the truth? NO.
Southwest Chorizo Breakfast Quesadillas - Shared Appetite
Southwest Chorizo Breakfast Quesadillas | sharedappetite.com A protein-packed breakfast quesadilla with eggs, cheese, chorizo, spinach, and beans!
Sarah Palin
Huevos Rancheros Tacos Recipe | Diethood
Huevos Rancheros Tacos - Soft tortillas stuffed with homemade refried beans, eggs, green chilies, tomatoes, cheese and diced avocados.
Nancy Pelosi by birdseye777 on DeviantArt
Nancy Pelosi by birdseye777
Authentic Homemade Mexican Chorizo - Honest Cooking
Authentic Homemade Mexican Chorizo - Honest Cooking
Politicians React To Hobby Lobby Decision
Also nuts... but kinda pretty too...
Sarah Palin
Nancy Pelosi Photos Photos: Robert F. Kennedy Center For Justice & Human Rights Bridge Dedication
Nancy Pelosi Young | Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attends the ...
33rd Annual National Italian American Gala held at Hilton hotel
Nancy Pelosi Young | Nancy Pelosi
Even Liberals Booed Pelosi Off Stage As She Defended Obama Posted on 22 April, 2014
Sarah Palin
Tom Steyer and his wife Kat Taylor with Paul and Nancy Pelosi at the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary celebration / Drew Altizer Photography
Will Hillary Clinton Benefit From Democrats On Benghazi Committee?
Will Hillary Clinton Benefit From Democrats On Benghazi Committee?...5/21>>
Hey, didn't Obama just say the economy was all his doing?

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Rand Paul Drops a NUKE From Senate Floor After Recovering From Coronavirus via

Willi__Vanilli 6 Nov 2017
2023: Rand Paul drops a tactical nuke on his neighbor's house for violating the NAP with his careless leaf blowing

hix_mix May 25

Perkyherk 7 Apr 2017
Rand Paul would wait until North Korea drops a nuke on San Francisco before taking action to take out their missile launch capability.

TLodman May 22

StanSerr 27 Jan 2016
Rand Paul wants us 2 hide under desks, save our money until Iran drops a nuke on our heads. Strong economy is useless w/O defense

wilw 26 Jan 2016
A fun game is to replace "Rand Paul" with "RuPaul" in headlines.

cnsnews 27 Jan 2016
Rand Paul: Without Trump, 'The IQ of the Debate Went Up a Couple Dozen Points'

reddit 24 Jan 2016
A Debate With Me and Bernie Would be Great”: Rand Paul Makes His Case to be President

dcexaminer 27 Jan 2016
Rand Paul launches a snark offensive: The "IQ of the debate increases without Trump"

LEOTHKING 21 Jan 2016
Rand Paul is a savage

katherinemiller 27 Jan 2016

TwitchyTeam 25 Jan 2016
Rand Paul takes a shot at scheduling

Salon 26 Jan 2016
“Trump is a delusional narcissist": A defeated Rand Paul lets it rip on "The Nightly Show"

nowthisnews 26 Jan 2016
Rand Paul says a speck of dirt is more qualified to be president than Donald Trump

CBSPolitics 22 Jan 2016
A former Rand Paul donor will back Donald Trump with a new super PAC

BrentGriffiths 26 Jan 2016
A couple of Rand Paul supporters are handing out fliers to Trump attendees. Paul with be here on Sunday.

LizMair 27 Jan 2016

chrislhayes 26 Jan 2016
Show pitch: Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell do a special round table about their issues w/ & relationships to their dads

empiredecline 23 Jan 2016

daveweigel 26 Jan 2016
Rand Paul gets a Dem challenger for his Senate race; the loss of the Dems' first choice had given him breathing room

MattBatzel 27 Jan 2016
Don’t sleep on Rand Paul in Iowa: could make a push for 3rd or 4th and find new energy

daveweigel 26 Jan 2016
10 minutes until Rand Paul learns whether he made the debate, just hours after he drew a Dem Senate challenge

BreakingNews 26 Jan 2016
Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, a Democrat, to challenge GOP's Rand Paul for US Senate seat in Kentucky - AP

blakehounshell 22 Jan 2016
Rand Paul just answered Reddit’s legendary duck/horse question, passing a crucial commander in chief test

DKElections 26 Jan 2016
Lexington Mayor Jim Gray's Senate bid may end Rand Paul's POTUS run a bit earlier than expected

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