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usatodayopinion May 21 shared via Twitter

RepAndyBiggsAZ May 21 shared via Twitter
. has expressed a desire to restore our economic greatness and the positives that come w/ it — including better public health — by opening up our communities. We must forge ahead even as Fauci tries to brush away the optimism.

Thomas1774Paine May 24 shared via Twitter
Rand Paul Calls Out Dr. Fauci, Shares Chart Showing COVID-19 Mortality Rate Similar To Flu For People Under 60

mitchellvii May 21 shared via Twitter
KIND OF WHAT I SAID FROM THE BEGINNING - Rand Paul says Fauci's policies ‘emasculated’ medical care system, ‘ruined’ economy

HighWireTalk May 22 shared via Twitter
“Maybe Anthony Fauci is out of touch with how many Americans are suffering due to our economic shutdown, but our country cannot afford to stay closed.”

But the answer to America’s problems has rarely been the federal government. Our solutions have been in trusting the American people. Freedom allows us to judge the risk and reward and determine a course we think best.

julie_kelly2 May 21
Kudos to ⁦⁩ for keeping up the drumbeat about why Fauci needs to retire. Not sure why the president isn’t listening...

RealMattCouch May 23
Rand Paul SLAMS Fauci ‘I don’t think you’re the end-all’

AndGermaine May 21
“Yet, Fauci persists in advocating policies that have emasculated the medical care system and ruined the economy.”

TPInsidr May 21
Rand Paul has had enough of Dr. Fauci's nonsense. We can't afford to stay on lockdown any longer.

Absolutely! We're ready to go! Rand Paul, Andy Biggs: Anthony Fauci wants America closed until there's nothing to reopen

acidsaltydame May 25
So Rand Paul said Dr. Fauci "emasculated" our economy. Methinks the he's playing with words he shouldn't considering his neighbor kicked his ass.

PattyLake1 2 hours ago
Snakes indeed!!!! You need better Council . Perhaps- Rand Paul, R Grenell, Dr. Shiva?, David Adair?-secure grid- feasibly. Robert David Steele?-Republic restoration. Please - End Fauci, Lindsay Graham, Covid vaccine, Big Pharma, CIA, Gates, CDC, 5G and Monsanto

sroc28 6 hours ago
Anybody hear from Fauci lately !? Got awfully quiet after Rand Paul blasted him.

jmichael922 15 hours ago
Seriously now the nit wit is going to tell us how to worship. So far he has been as accurate as a weatherman. How does he still have a job? His ego doesn’t allow him to shut his mouth. Rand Paul really defined Fauci at the hearing. Dr.Fauci aka Dr. Korvorkian. Faith God not Fauci

dwGehrsitz May 24
What happened to Fox news, Rand Paul, et al, doubting the validity of the models? In the early days of the shut down, Fauci said the models showed 100K to 200K deaths, even with people staying home. Guess what threshold we're about to cross? Where are the model doubters now?

Rand Paul thinks the economy’s a dude. He says Fauci’s COVID-19 work “emasculated” the economy. Paul didn’t say any more about the economy’s genitalia. Given how many people’ve been screwed by Paul’s hands off ideas, he might be right. Probably he’s just being a dick.

canady_betty May 22
Fauci says whatever he thinks someone wants him to say. He’s just a little weasel making out like he is an expert. As Rand Paul said, he has no more expertise on Covid than the rest of the doctors do.

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