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— Trump insults the deaf Many of us are not aware that Rand Paul (R-Ky) is deaf. He wears two hearing aids, & his deafness has not been an issue throughout his political career. Anyway, during the first GOP debate, Trump made a very strong hint that Rand has trouble hearing him! Already, anti-Trump critics are saying that deafness is one of many things that Trump insults!
Design By: Paul Rand . This picture can say many ways but basically it's dead the center , the main subject is right in your face. However, the white shine capture my eye first , second part was the details. One thing that look interesting was the lamp was lit at night time or the mood crescent; Therefore, photo can be a abstract.
Jon Stewart isn't the world's biggest fan of Hillary Clinton, and he said on Monday night's Daily Show that he was underwhelmed by Sunday's "State Farm commercial gone viral" announcing her presidential bid. But he's not the only critic of Hillary for America's launch party. "Republicans, of course, have been anticipating this announcement since, like, 1978," Stewart said, rolling his eyes. "They have had ample time to man the ramparts, stockpile munitions." So Stewart went through the various r
"The worst part is how she smiles about it."
I'm glad to see our letters to Burr aren't falling on deaf ears.
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roflmao- sorry but it is funny!
Faith in the world restored
Evil is powerless
2A Defender
She Survived Hitler’s Regime, But It’s Her Warning About Obama’s That’s Even More Terrifying
Israel part of me
Term Limits, Voter ID, And 'These' Would Solve A Lot Of The Problems.../.....Yeah, I think you got it about right.
Benedict Obama. Let's four Americans die, sends money to the Muslim Brotherhood and plays golf while CHRISTIANS ARE BEHEADED!

JoshDorner 1 May 2015 shared via Twitter
Apparently, it's Dems' fault that Rand Paul made tone deaf comments abt Baltimore, showed he is same old Republican

mattklewis 11 Mar 2015 shared via Twitter
Libertarian tells me Rand Paul's gay marriage language was "tone-deaf" -

Crossfire 10 Feb 2014 shared via Twitter
WATCH: to Rand Paul: Cynical, tone deaf attacks on a powerful woman won't help you close the gender gap...

alison_quinion Jan 24 shared via Twitter
It is unfortunate that we have such a deaf Senator in Rand Paul. Not only do Americans now know the truth, but so does the world. You look ridiculous.

jray9091 16 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
Rand Paul looks to be unbelievably tone deaf. Kentucky has given the country both AND ....we owe the rest of the country one HELL of an apology.

IconicInfidel 10 Nov 2014

PAWarnhoff 18 Dec 2019
Well, guessing you are not only blind but deaf too..you're pitiful and need to go back to where ever you came from Rand Paul.

ZoieRuch 23 Apr 2018
Very true, out of anyone in the main two party system I would have figured Rand Paul as well! It seems his father's teachings have fallen on deaf ears unfortunately.

judehere 4 Sep 2015
Philip Seymour Hoffman died doing heroin w movie he made unreleased then Rand Paul is blind deaf dumb

He, and others like and have made the calls to stop all domestic surveillance regardless of party in power for years and years. Nobody has listened because they're deaf and blind when it comes to this stuff.

DiJohnson15 29 Jul 2019
Tone deaf Rand Paul echoes the racism of his malignant racist "leader".

bobcesca_go 16 Feb 2014
FROM THE BLOG STAFF: Rand Paul Must Think The Founding Fathers Were Deaf and Dumb

brjones146 23 Dec 2018
Rand Paul’s comedy stand up routine wouldn’t be very funny in the best of times. With the government shut down and the WH in chaos it seems tone deaf and self satisfying. Soledad should pin him and then Festivus can be over.

epwff360 19 Jul 2019
You won't have eyes tonight, you won't have ears or a tongue. You will wander the underworld blind, deaf, and dumb, and all the dead will know, This is Rand Paul, the fool who thought he was helping 9/11 first responders.

LindaMeza 17 Jan 2013

TheWolfPeach Mar 22

ginabella 26 Jul 2013
Christie has the audacity to say Rand Paul ‘dangerous’? TONE DEAF Christie is the TRUE DANGER

DouglasHarden 8 Feb 2017
I guess he's been tone deaf to Rand Paul's efforts...why would be the question.

MooseOfReason 9 Mar 2011
Rand Paul: Obama is "tone-deaf" on the debt http://youtu.be/nMqcLQzD-aA

yeahunoeme 29 Apr 2019
Um...Anybody think Rand Paul is tone deaf?! This is the same government who ordered the murder of American resident,Jamal Kashogghi, with bone saws. Then Trump sided with MBS over our intel community saying “he (MBS) strongly said he didn’t do it & so I believe him.” GTFOH!!

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