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"Our Founders never intended for Americans to trust their Government. Our entire constitution was predicated on the notion that government was a necessary evil, to be restrained and minimized as much as possible." ~ Rand Paul
The Koch Brothers Group spent $122M in 2012, in their efforts to "buy" our elected leaders, (funds that could otherwise be used to pay their taxes)! Since "affordability" doesn't seem to be the issue, what is the issue then? Could it be hate?
Foreign Aid: Can we at the least stop funding countries who dislike us???
Teen Survivors Of Florida Shooting To March On Washington For Gun Law Reform
Teen Survivors Of Florida Shooting To March On Washington For Gun Law Reform | HuffPost
Why aren't the democrats telling us how great obamacare is instead of asking the IRS to target the opposition ?
Rand Paul: Obama will bail out Detroit ‘over my dead body’
Column: Rand Paul isn't a subliterate yawper like Trump. But he's spreading the same deadly coronavirus lies — Los Angeles Times
Column: Rand Paul isn't a subliterate yawper like Trump. But he's spreading the same deadly coronavirus lies
The Beltway Party, Left and Right, vs. Rand Paul
In case you hadn’t noticed, the DC political class is lining up against U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). Indeed, the left and right wings of what might be called the Beltway Party have jointly decided that Paul is unacceptable: He and his liberty-minded, live-and-let-live constitutionalist views are a threat to both of those wings.
Sen. Rand Paul Calls for 'Reasonable Sentence' for Edward Snowden
Sen. Rand Paul Calls for ‘Reasonable Sentence’ for Edward Snowden
Dim and divisive Rand Paul self-destructs, again
Yes. I make this face every time a few certain people open their mouths. They shall remain nameless. Just use some COMMON SENSE!!!
Discrimination is an "inalienable" right: The 5 juiciest revelations in the New Yorker’s Rand Paul profile
Discrimination is an “inalienable” right: The 5 juiciest revelations in The New Yorker’s Rand Paul profile
Rand Paul To Force Vote On Massive Saudi Arms Deal, Warns Sales Would Drag US Into Yemen War - May 25, 2017 - In protest of the NSA’s sweeping program to collect US citizens’ telephone metadata, Senator Rand Paul blocked an extension of some parts of the USA Patriot Act.
Why I Came Home to Cleveland
Why I Came Home to Cleveland - Connie Schultz - POLITICO Magazine
Rand Paul: You'd have to be brain-dead to believe that
Senator Rand Paul fights Congress Raiding Social Security Trust Fund in Dead of Night
Senator Rand Paul fights Congress Raiding Social Security Trust Fund in Dead of Night - YouTube
PAUL: Where were the Marines?
SEN. RAND PAUL: Where were the Marines?
Rand Paul Wins the 2015 CPAC Straw Poll, Jeb Bush Dead Last
Iron Man Advises Rand Paul, Others to “Take It Down a Notch” - Freaksugar
Trump hits golf course to talk healthcare with vocal critic Rand Paul - Business Insider
Trump hits the golf course to talk healthcare with Republican critic Rand Paul
Randal Howard "Rand" Paul, Kentucky State Senator, Born in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Pennsylvania

ThisIsEgbert May 25 shared via Twitter
The only way that states will get it is when the fascist politicians get COVID. Never mind, Rand Paul proved that wrong. Hospitals, honor the suffering & dead by documenting everything. Mathew Brady snapped civil War dead & they said “war is all hell.” COVID is all hell.

Drea_got_rage May 23 shared via Twitter
Dead teachers from coast to coast! --Sen. Rand Paul

justiceputnam May 23 shared via Twitter
The most severe polio outbreak was in 1952 with 58,000 infected and 4,000 dead. A national effort to eradicate polio that included vaccines, quarantines and contact tracing finally eradicated it. Rand Paul is a quack who will kill you. Don't listen to this pandemic denying quack.

MHanson62 May 23 shared via Twitter
Rand Paul - trending, but not dead - I'll keep checking...

nazani14 May 23 shared via Twitter
Bogus stats. The higher the concentration of COVID-19 in an area, the more young people will become seriously ill. This isn't a binary choice between totally well & dead.

CLxJames May 27
Right, clearly the amount dead had NOTHING to do with things like forcing nursing homes to take back COVID positive patients

In 1984 the nation mourned the death of 7 astronauts. In 2020 held the nation turns a blind eye to 100,000 dead Americans. Thanks to heartless

whut_the_whut May 23
GOP 2005 Keeping brain dead people alive 2016 Keeping fetus cells alive 2020 Wants to kills grandma and grandpa at church. Who cares if children die as long as it's for the stock market.

AZDem_w_Dogs May 22
In NY alone there were 100 reported cases of Kawasaki disease last week But screw them, right Rand! gop = ok with dead kids

So you know more about infectious diseases than Dr. Fauci? Aren’t you an eye doctor? It would great if everyone would just follow the guidelines Trump put in place, but even that’s to hard a wait? 96K dead, no cure, how many more before you respect this virus?

NJTrainDelays May 21
94,000 Americans dead because Trump didn't want to pay attention to his PDBs

littlebit_mia May 23

TDSDiagnoser May 24
Rand Paul said some dead kids are worth the sacrifice

JamesFLoveIV May 21
This is a straight propaganda piece that says, in sum, that’s it’s better for you to be dead than for them to be poor.

BiscAnenome May 23
I’m glad you said you were 58, because “I’d rather be dead than spend one summer not being able to go to a country fair or concert” sounds like the whining of a particular shallow 14-year-old.

Are you so Blood thirsty that the 100,000 dead in the U.S. are not enough to satisfy You? Are You now a Pagan Deity who now demands the safety, health, & lives of children to satisfy the GOP's Greed for Money & Power. ?? Are You Evil - Wait, That's a rhetorical question. U R !

beyerstein May 23
Counting the NYC Department of Ed dead (per ABC7): -28 paraprofessionals -30 teachers -2 food service staffers -2 administrators -2 janitors -2 school aides -2 guidance counselors -1 parent coordinator -1 School Computer Technology Specialist

Jok80275217 May 23
Yes maga USA is already screwed 100 thousand dead and growing division and hatred spreading the virus you'll be lucky to come out with any economic power.china is already building there's whilst you can't get your shit together because your government is weak

90k Americans dead. 14% unemployed. Rand Paul would rather pull political stunts than fix Trump's mess.

ElreoCarlos May 27
, in the dead of night you were bent over & mercilessly violated.. you didn't even feel it. , , , , , .. you are all the same type of servant species.. Lower than pigs.

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