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Stressed-out parents share hilarious memes
Stressed-out parents share hilarious memes as they struggle to keep children busy | Daily Mail Online
Coronavirus looking at your Bath Body Works hand-sanitizer made of 10% alcohol and 90% glitter - iFunny :)
Coronavirus looking at your Bath Body Works hand-sanitizer made of 10% alcohol and 90% glitter – popular memes on the site ifunny.co
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beer funny alcohol meme
beer funny alcohol meme
Bath & Body Works Coronavirus Meme
40 Coronavirus Memes That Are Spreading Like...Well, the Coronavirus
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Star Wars / Baby Yoda Memes on Instagram: “Ugh Follow @baby_yoda_ig - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #babyyoda #yoda #yodamemes #themandalorian #cutebabies #cutememes #starwars…”
Star Wars / Baby Yoda Memes on Instagram: “Ugh Follow @baby_yoda_ig - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #babyyoda #yoda #yodamemes #themandalorian #cutebabies #cutememes #starwars…”
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Morning Funny Meme Dump 32 Pics
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After Dark Funny Meme Dump 42 Pics
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Coping with Coronavirus
I! Again, you don't get the core fa drinking our beer! Coronaviru include fever, runny nose ano SI drinking Corona 2 A gagging, craving Taco Bell and wat next to someone you wish you would have. rd - iFunny :)
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Funny Tweets About How Much We're Drinking Now
Aside from trying to stay sane, get creative, and eat our weight in food, there's not much else to do besides drinking our way through quarantine. These tweets show just how much people are drinking to get through this difficult time period (in the last alcoholic way possible). Cheers to that! #drinking #tweets #funny #funnytweets #lol #relatable #selfisolation #socialdistancing
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This Coconut Amaretto Cocktail is the perfect drink to relax with during quarantine. #cocktail #alcohol #quarantine #coconut #amaretto
Quarantine coffee aka a margarita
SPRING 2020 #Stayathome
eating cookies and avoiding confrontation: Photo
TRUE AMERICAN OFFICIAL FOX RULES...This may be the easiest explanation of the game I've seen!

SameNewLions Apr 10 shared via Twitter
There’s no truer meme than “your quarantine alcoholic name is your first name followed by your last name”. I’ve drank more in the past three weeks than in any similar time period of my life. And I’m not getting drunk or even buzzed, just having a couple every night. It’s weird.

asphyxiatings Mar 19 shared via Twitter
ok so and i are making a quarantine gc bc this being at home shit is boring asf - 15-17 - no nudes, lewds, or audios - rt and drop a meme plus ur name, age, and pronouns to join mwah

BlackLion_GG Mar 24 shared via Twitter
GAMER VS COVID-19 We challenge ! Take part and win! How to participate: 1. Collect 60k points and 6 Working Units with Folding@home 2. Comment your quarantine meme with your Folding@home name 🦁🖤

_sunflower_pup_ Apr 7 shared via Twitter
hi! i’m gonna make an nsfw gc. just for like memes and people’s who are losing their minds over quarantine COMMENT LIKE AND RT age, name, pronouns

WOOYA_OFFICIAL Apr 8 shared via Twitter
hello! welcome to poseidon doyeon, my name is han seungwoo, wooya or snoo for short. my quarantine has been boring yet tiring, help. best memes? i'm my own meme, i have more but here's four memes for now, shshshshshsh.

leepunk13 Mar 11

prophecymouse Mar 31
Lmao these memes always make me nervous. “Your quarantine code name is the last four of your social and your mother’s maiden name, go!”

I’m honestly so tired of the quarantine memes that reference not watching One Piece One Piece rules, shut the fuck up and go rewatch The Office again you boring dipshit keep Luffy’s name out your mouth

SoSwargaming Mar 31
I've seen a lot of people posting a meme saying your quarantine name is something you ate and something else, blah-di- blah. It's a play on your porn star name meme, but your name doesn't change when you're in quarantine...

p0urlavie Mar 21
Quarantine questions🦠 1. My brother’s new home. 2. 27.75 3. As a 90cm bed. 4. Eighteen in total. 5. Like one? The louvre guy. 6. Abdulla🤍 7. Straight? 8. Huh? 9. 167cm. 10. 46-7 11. YES 12. I don’t know his name. 13. UNDENIABLY UNIQUE Send me a MEME for the questions.

My quarantine name is the last thing I ate plus my high school mascot? I am The Chocolate Bronco Ty for forwarding that meme.

thebodysways Mar 25
There’s a meme floating around that’s like, “I’m either coming out of this quarantine an alcoholic or a professional chef,” & I was like, “why not both?”

#4 I love your name!!! It reminds me of Sasha fierce 🤪 I love how your profile is truly OT7 and filled with sassy memes about everything!! I love collecting them so hope you don’t mind if save a few. I can’t wait to be on quarantine to send men’s back in forth lol

liz_fenwick Mar 21
That meme going around about quarantine name is what you last ate and what you last read...mine Saffton Buns Wrecker!!

keunaantoine Mar 30
So I made a gc on Facebook for girls only! Quarantine sucks so if you want new friends, or just ppl to talk to, or see memes. Dm or message your Fb name and I’ll add you to it!!🥰🥰

jillian_kern Mar 31
Obviously don't make light of the virus, and the risks, and lives lost. Say no to racist memes and eco-fascist memes &c. But I think it's okay if someone wants to make a joke abt Zoom meetings or get 3 seconds of entertainment out of a "Your quarantine name is ___" post

jbarro Mar 30
The "quarantine name" meme isn't the most annoying meme that's gone around on this site but it is the least interesting.

brettmuller Mar 30
Hi! Question here: what the fuck is a quarantine name? Aside from a meme formula that’s reaching way too far.

cuinsac Mar 24
I’ve seen this meme going around, your quarantine name is how you’re feeling and the last thing you ate. I’m Disgusted Chicken.

I've got a meme for your Quarantine Day updates (it even has your name on it, so....)

MrGreggLong Mar 24
"Quarantine has not been a favorite of mine. And I look forward to returning to school where I can be mean to Mr. Long during class and make memes about his name."

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