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Vincent Haycock on Instagram: “@harrystyles”
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me ‹3!
Khalid - American Teen (LP Vinyl) : Target
Alina Baraz
Born To Die - The Paradise Edition - Lana Del Rey
i like how it is zayn when he was young but he has some of his adult featureslike his tattoos
Joji - In Tongues Exclusive EP
Joji - In Tongues Exclusive EP
Mac Ayres - Something to Feel
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grace_ooooo Apr 26 shared via Twitter
Fuck Bill Clinton here’s 4 albums I bought in quarantine

Genju___ Apr 28 shared via Twitter
i did that bill clinton album thing. idk how to do this shit im just bored in quarantine

BenWilliams28 Apr 24 shared via Twitter
Quarantine has brought out the worst in social media in a long time: -girls posting selfies “for positivity” (nobody cares) -Bill Clinton albums (nobody cares) -30 day song challenge (nobody cares) -senior photo “for seniors” (you’re fucking rubbing it in!! Also no one cares)

jessbuxx Apr 20 shared via Twitter
this bill clinton album shit is by far the worst thing to come out of quarantine

WalshAngus Apr 21 shared via Twitter
Since people have been using the Bill Clinton generator for albums. Here are mine to listen to to pass the time during quarantine! Have a go!

Imaosummer Apr 22

gikkiv_ Apr 22
i was really out here thinking people were just photoshopping bill clinton with some album covers until two people told me there was a fucking website y’all i need to get out of quarantine quick

manybeanss Apr 23
If I couldn't tell quarantine was getting to me a while ago (I could), the validation i gaine from finally having a friend tag me for the fuckin bill clinton swag album thing would tip me off

xlyssiex30 Apr 20
out of all the insta trends that have emerged from quarantine, the bill clinton album one is my absolute favorite

nbn_tweets Apr 22
Here are some of the entertainment staff's favorite bops to blast during quarantine! *Bill Clinton Album Challenge Intensifies*

quarantine got everyone thinkin i really wanna see bill clinton hold their trash ass favorite albums

I’m so over this quarantine. I’m done with stupid money circles and Bill Clinton holding albums. I wanna go to a bar.

bootnrallie Apr 20
still recovering from the brief moment I thought everyone I knew mastered photoshop in quarantine for the ol Bill Clinton album story

erintwong Apr 21
The bill Clinton album meme is the closest I’ve ever come to giving in to an insta tag10 trend. Do I do it? Do I betray myself? Is this what quarantine has done to my morals?

Top 10 things I will never post on my instagram story: 10. Nothing. 9. Everyone 8. Is 7. Just 6. Trying 5. To 4. Spread 3. Positivity 2. During quarantine 1. Bill Clinton holding album covers

joey_gnar Apr 20
Imagine this. Quarantine ends. You head back to Cuse and rip DJs with the lads. Bill Clinton is on aux in the DJ booth. Your favorite albums on repeat all night. RBVs are flowing. Life is good.

Jacob_2478 Apr 21
I tried doing that Bill Clinton holding 4 albums generator but my indecisive ass can’t chose 4 albums lmao! Like my top 4 of all time, the top 4 I’m currently listing right now during this quarantine or top four in different genres😂

sohh Apr 23
Maino Imagines Former President Bill Clinton Catching Quarantine Vibes To His If Tomorrow Comes... Debut Album: "Billy Know What It Is!"

zagvda Apr 23
Did everyone become proficient as hell on photoshop this quarantine?? How yall making these bill clinton album memes so fast????

sleyvis May 23
me, still procrastinating the bill clinton album challenge: quarantine is a time for productivity 😌💅🏻✨🧚🏻

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