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New York Endometriosis Center on Instagram: “April is. “Adenomyosis awareness month”! Adenomyosis is a twin sister to endometriosis, and many endo patients may also suffer from…”
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SpaceBard 7 hours ago shared via Twitter
Heard about your wrist issues. Don't know how long ago that was. If it's computer related, you could try a tracball instead of the mouse. I had pain in my pointer finger knuckle. Got the tracball and it went away in a couple days. Hope your pain goes away!

MaryOursWX May 24 shared via Twitter
I'm a big baby when it comes to pain...I jammed my pointer finger trying to catch a football yesterday and It's so swollen and hurts. Excuse me if there's a look of pain on my face this morning lol (I'm icing in between weather hits).

Asher_Wolf 10 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
Like, if I had to choose between slicing off a piece of my pointer finger accidentally again or the peripheral nerve pain... I'd happily chop a slice off my finger again

ArtieTheR3D May 29 shared via Twitter
Gamers - Does anyone else get pain in the meaty part of your hand between your thumb and pointer finger? If so what do you do to ease the pain?

FatalStryke 24 May 2019 shared via Twitter
The first month is tough. Once you get it down the pain in between your pointer finger and middle finger goes away. Goodluck

Why? Why? Why? "You people" are always such a Pain in the butt. Another brilliant assessment by just another finger pointer. Boo Hoo.

Gabytron5000 27 Jun 2019
Top of my hand where middle, pointer and ring finger tendons are has been hurting on my left hand then the pain randomly appeared on my right hand and it travels up my arm. Help Doctah Gunnnnzzzz!

BollyTVAdda 2 Jul 2015
@NatiRaya30 She is better. But still has pain on her pointer finger ~ Ana @AnaSmith2014

JessicaJohBooks 21 Mar 2018
The pain of IUD's makes me happy I got my tunes tied. I kind of want a ruler tattooed down. My left arm and pointer finger but have never actually gone to get it.

_kagirii 5 Nov 2018
I was cleaning and lifting something in my closet when suddenly I felt an intense sharp pain in my hand right below my pointer finger. I looked down and my vein was huge, turning my hand red and painful to touch. Currently turning black and blue... help?

AC_da_great 6 Jul 2019
😂😂😂😂 I freaking love this just cut a BIG chunk outta my left pointer finger ☝🏼blood everywhere! Idk I’ve bled that much in years! Just what I needed- more pain and a cut that’s not gonna heal correctly😂😂 hey tho that pic has me laughing like nothing happened!!

thegabecole 19 Mar 2017
So let's go back to many months after my diagnosis when I noticed a twinge of pain in my pointer finger's lowest joint.

PhilthyTurtle 23 Feb 2019
Somehow my right hand hurts? like I dont even know how to trigger the pain, but it hurts on my palm area between thumb and pointer finger. it does not hurt when i perler though. im a bit concerned.

hayley_bigler 30 Sep 2015
Paper cut + skin between thumb and pointer finger = WORST PAIN EVERRR

saradehn17 May 28
My left hand will get like really tingly and painful if I use it for too long, especially like on my phone of the switch. And if I'm holding a pan or something like that, I get pain in between my thumb and pointer finger

xJewMuffinx Apr 10
Personally tapping just enough so I dont full hop and arcing my pointer finger for z. This method is much more lenient on my fingers and causes no pain

chuniora 22 Jun 2018
-Met the governor’s wife -Blues & Greys -Gown in the makings -2 musubis, Arizona -Khalid radio on Pandora -Bloody pointer finger, Back pain -5:10 pm

My stepdad did that too. It was like it was a false thumb and pointer finger with out any pain.

RoyPeterClark 19 Mar 2019
Because I have reached a certain age, I assumed that pain in my right index finger was arthritis. Now believe it is something else: Mouse Finger. Revisions imposed on me by my editor are so extensive, they have injured Mr. 's Mister Pointer. Worker's comp?

ringlovdraws 31 Mar 2018
I (accidentally) put a finger into boiling water so i shoved it into some frozen cherries to ease the pain but the cherries stained it so i put it under the tap to wash it off but the tap was set to hot water and i didn't check long story short my left pointer finger hurts a lot

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