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DirtyDMantell Apr 26 shared via Twitter
Yes we do. For a country, I was embarrassed about how we treat our vets. But here it is... Trump has done more for vets than both Bush’s and Obama did together. Care is better, access to civilian help is available. Before VA’s were places you could literally die. I almost did.

UnequalledJanit 21 Dec 2011 shared via Twitter
Yuck- I have to say I'm somewhat surprised by a few of these places! RT: Where lurk on planes:

zanderbear 25 Jun 2015 shared via Twitter
I love the Clorox bleach pens for small hard to get places.

Glassdoor 4 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
🎉 Employees have spoken! 🎉 Here are the Best Places to Work in 2019! Find out which companies made the cut:

kristin_lynn1 17 Jun 2015 shared via Twitter
quick, and easy in one of my least favorite places to clean !

CGuiselle May 29
That too! Buy Clorox in diff places. Wear a hat, a hoodie and sunglasses. The cameras will have a harder time recognizing you...

Glassdoor 7 Dec 2016
makes our Top 20! Congrats on landing a spot on our Best Places to Work in 2017

Clorox 24 May 2014
Old towels can be fastened to the end of a broom to dust those hard-to-reach places!

RianVDM 24 Oct 2018
Pretty crazy story about health care ads. “Clorox used that information to increase digital ad spending to sicker areas and pull back in places that were healthier. Consumer interactions with Clorox’s disinfectant ads increased by 22% with the data.”

NLuvWitUOnly May 10
Gov't WILLINGLY sending Checks/💰 to Black & Brown ppl!? They don't have any store's stocked so ppl are going MULTIPLE places looking for ! No wipes or Spray, No Rubbing Alcohol, no , no hand sanitizer on the shelves here in since FEBRUARY! 2/

sbhighflyer Mar 7
There are so many places to clean- kitchen, bedrooms and definitely bathrooms. So let's go with bathrooms first!

drdave1999 May 23
Apparently eager to see the coronavirus spread as quickly & effectively as possible, IMPOTUS is insisting that churches re-open. I’d suggest that wafers & wine be replaced by clorox & hydroxychloroquine, before they pass around the ‘contagion plate.’

drewhatch 29 Jan 2019
But, because they're straight from hell, the rapey males force impregnate the females by stabbing them even if they're already knocked up. So the females will seek to find places the others aren't to recover. Like ... your shoes. And then they hitchhike home and you're fucked.

UnequalledJanit 28 Nov 2011
Good to know! RT: ewww...The 8 germiest places in the mall.

sweenedog 9 Apr 2015
you have got to be f'n kidding me... you troll around looking for places to play your race card. grow up.

CDSmith63 May 22
Not even Trump's Clorox rambling, which seemed to put her on the spot, was enough to pull her head out of Donnie's ass. "This should wake her up" was what a lot of people thought. Alas, today proves she places her standing on TeamTrump ahead of the science she pretends to uphold.

PaulaSchaefer05 28 Feb 2018
Clorox - You need to clean up your act. One of the dirtiest places on TV is supported by you!!!ABC’s The View is very offensive to a vast majority of Americans. What are you doing to clean up your act?

AutoNation 20 Aug 2019
At we can sanitize the places your car wash can't reach. Go to any AutoNation store and ask for PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360®.

bruce4nv May 26
I, for one, think it's best to be cautions. I didn't disinfect my packages and shopping bags, but I always wash my hands after handling them and do use Clorox wipes on the surfaces they were on I wear a mask to the grocery and liquor stores, the only places I've been in 2 mos

Donald Trump could care less about places of worship. He only cares about himself and his re-election. He cares about grabbing women by the pussy and telling Americans to inject themselves with Clorox and Lysol. That’s what essential to mr. president

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