parasailing konakli - Felixwinqvist

R_MarbenaGanji 12 May 2013 shared via Twitter

DjWisi 17 Sep 2015 shared via Twitter

papicullo7 5 Jul 2015 shared via Twitter

isikyargin 15 Aug 2013 shared via Twitter

R_MarbenaGanji 12 May 2013 shared via Twitter

prithinarayanan 6 May 2013
Good? And the firing range decent?": Wanna go parasailing near this summer? Check this out! "

Case_Dismissed_ 9 May 2013
: Parasailing with Casey this summer 😍

iamtrixie0530 2 May 2013
i dare you to go Parasailing!:-)

RivasMonicaa 9 May 2013
Happpy birthday to my young sib @BabyFercho_ #16 love you baby brotherr…

traazil 3 May 2013

rob_yeg 10 May 2013
Went parasailing and it was thrilling!

DaltonRoss 6 May 2013
There is only question that matters: Why aren't you jet skiing/scuba diving/submarining/parasailing the votes to America?!?

sethxlewis 8 May 2013
I wanna go parasailing. looks fun.

BrookeAlexis_12 7 May 2013
@HannPepp omg that's so weird!! I've actually been wanting to go parasailing I've never been lol 😝😝

pdlp22 11 May 2013
Parasailing over the Sea of Cortez @ Sea of Cortez at Medano Beach

LauraVelandia11 11 May 2013
Parasailing with the brothers 😎😜😁👌

sammmbabyy 1 May 2013
I have a picture of zip lining in Costa Rica! Or parasailing if I can find a picture!

jennavd 2 May 2013
Definitely got an ab workout parasailing

madeleine_ann6 11 May 2013
Parasailing in Florida with Libbie and dad!!

Parasailing in Mexico is like: I kinda wanna die and I'll give you $50.

SavinoDawn 8 May 2013
Parasailing soon! So excited. :-)

lex_elizabeth5 6 May 2013
Serious communication issues. Me:"well if he deserves it then.." @makaylamcferrin "Parasailing?" Me:"...what? Parenting?" I give up.

C_Morris21 9 May 2013
Parasailing time with 🌊 😁👍🌴

Kevvvy_L 2 May 2013
And your dead body will be parasailing from a nice car in the dessert on TV for all to see

Case_Dismissed_ 9 May 2013
Ill take you wake boardin if you take me parasailing

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