ozark season 1 episode 9 vulture - Felixwinqvist

zzachammer 2 hours ago shared via Twitter
I stopped watching Ozark after episode 1 🤣😂

Be_inTIMidated May 26 shared via Twitter
Ok I’m Starting Ozark. Season 1 Episode 1.

GabwithGwen May 20 shared via Twitter
I'm a couple of episodes into season 3 of and I'm having a hard time getting into it. I see them trying a new thing here. But, it isn't grabbing me like the first 2 seasons. Let's see how this unfolds.

MicheleDBrandt 5 hours ago shared via Twitter
FFS! Now you sound like someone who would pick the over the with is outstanding. I started panicking the moment I started the first episode of the latest season cuz I didn’t want it to end

pauljchambers 8 hours ago shared via Twitter
Political skullfuckery aside, just started Ozark. Well, episode 1 really hits the ground running, doesn't it?

Giants55 11 hours ago
Watching episode 1 of Ozark and I have no idea what's going on 😂

Or if I'm just wierd and should get over myself and watch stuff. I've watched 10 mins of Tiger King, 1 episode of Game Of Thrones, 5 mins of Money Heist, 2 mins of Ozark and turned them off because it didn't feel right. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Yunnieee 11 minutes ago
Alright Ozark episode 1 down.. I think I'll enjoy this one quite a bit

RColli3r May 20
Finally got around to finishing s3 of . What an ending to a great season. Give the actor who plays Ben an Emmy. His monologue in the back of the cab at the beginning of episode 9 might be the some of the best acting I've seen in TV. Unreal.

bashful_michael 1 hour ago
Oh cool looks beautiful! Also you were right about Ozark Season 3. It's wild. Just need 3 more episodes, going to finish it tonight.

daniminaj143 May 20
I’m just saying the last episode for season 3 of Ozark had me like....

HerTashness 14 hours ago
Nah Ozark is good. Iwewe you said episode 1 was slow but it was lit🙌🏾

Ozark season 3 episode 9 help me I'll never be happy again

ohthatsdania May 20
Idk if it’s just me but I can’t get into Ozark for shit... i’m still on episode 1😂

Xchrispatrick May 19
Season 1, Episode 10 of Ozark. Yo lmao. Mason just walked in the crib to the baby....yooo y’all was watching this and AINT tell me????? Crazy

Xchrispatrick May 20
Ozark season 2 episode 6: Wendy’s convo with Buddy in the whip followed by the scene with Ruth....bruh i was bout to cry up

JaySuav1 May 20
im only on episode 5 of the first season of . but is a fuckin boss! and not to mention totally dominates her roll, not to mention she a fuckin hottie!

Gonzo_Hunter 2 hours ago
I did think season 2 of ozark was just solid, but season 3 was truly phenomenal. Heart-wrenching, heavy, wonderful writing and superb acting. Episode 9 is some of the most visceral, raw writing and acting I’ve seen in a long time. An absolute master class.

BobSnipes 9 hours ago
I agree with you. I made the mistake of starting Ozark immediately after I binged Breaking Bad. Got through 1 1/2 episodes. It was like watching a minor league game after a classic World Series.

kynicole96 May 24

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