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How to plan and create your posts for social media - in case I have to do social media for work.
Optimum raises prices on internet and TV plans, barely warning customers
Optimum raises prices on internet and TV plans, barely warning customers - The Verge
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RichNet 7 Jan 2013 shared via Twitter
Hmm. Optimum just said it's raising my cable modem online internet $5 per month to $55... time to start pricing FIOS and ATT U-verse plans

Bluehawk1 31 Dec 2010 shared via Twitter
Happy effen new year optimum online. Thanks for fucking my plans up! Slow internet = Chris is a mess...

IconTourism 6 Nov 2010 shared via Twitter
Finding The Optimum Deal For Your Personal Travel Plans | Internet ... http://bit.ly/b94r7d

martin_suter 14 May 2009 shared via Twitter
Optimum WiFi is free to Optimum Online customers, faster than expensive cell phone data plans..." http://bit.ly/cpI4e

kennybloggins 7 Sep 2009 shared via Twitter
At my parents' in NJ, have been without Internet/Phone for the past ten hours. I think Optimum plans outages around my schedule.

simplesolar101 21 Nov 2010
Find Free Plans For A Mag... - Optimum Online - Search: Free Energy Generator - Magnetic Motor Plans That Actual... http://bit.ly/dl44t9

kitchenreno 28 Nov 2010
Kitchen Island Plans - Optimum Online - Search: Kitchen Island Design - Kitchen Floor Plans, Design Plans for ..... http://bit.ly/gcn7MT

Looking for Optimum Nutrition Natural Casein, but didn't see it on your online store. Any plans to add it?

martin_suter 14 May 2009
Optimum WiFi is free to Optimum Online customers, faster than expensive cell phone data plans..." http://bit.ly/cpI4e

kennybloggins 7 Sep 2009
At my parents' in NJ, have been without Internet/Phone for the past ten hours. I think Optimum plans outages around my schedule.

martin_suter 14 May 2009
Optimum WiFi is free to Optimum Online customers, faster than expensive cell phone data plans..." http://bit.ly/cpI4e

neilhimself 13 May 2009
Discovered that the problems with the very slow internet earlier today was due to a colony of ants nesting in the new router. Surreal & true

lostremote 13 May 2009
RT Denver Post readers overwhelmingly say they won't pay for online news. (DP.com informal online poll.) http://is.gd/zCcP

moretweets123 13 May 2009
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achangeisasgood 13 May 2009
Make Money Online Work From Home Internet Marketing Proof | Vendre ...: http://www.alexspiderweb.ws Make Money O.. http://tinyurl.com/qzhw4f

healthshaman 13 May 2009
arg landscaper guys cut phone line...internet down..here at panera working online....

KatieAldworth 13 May 2009
I stumbled upon a lovely website on how not to get distracted online. This internet eggtimer is really keeping me on track!

larrywerts 13 May 2009
Create Online Business for Higher Profits | Internet Marketing ... http://bit.ly/ckAgX

MilesWoodhouse 13 May 2009
Dating Online Tips - A Host of Benefits You Can Have from Internet ... http://bit.ly/yeGzb

JoshuaKissi 13 May 2009
Planning out my summer what days im going to do cardio/weight lifting.. schoolsl over what a great feeling.. oh yeah big plans for SE

bharatru 13 May 2009
Online Business > Top Home Based Businesses: How To Make Money On The Internet http://www.bharatbhasha.com/ebusiness.php/133872

PatFlynn 13 May 2009
Had a good day of business talk with Sterling and Jay from the Internet Business Mastery Podcast. Changed my life: http://bit.ly/8Mh1d

SeafoodWatch 13 May 2009
RT : Can we save the declining salmon? Watch QUEST: California's Lost Salmon online now http://ow.ly/6wqH

WebSurfZombie 13 May 2009
France to cut off online pirates' internet - PRESS TV http://bit.ly/YTdfm

PromoteOnline 13 May 2009
Read Helpful Information Work From Home Online | All Info About: The only way to make money with an Internet bus.. http://bit.ly/SPeWw

kellierasberry 13 May 2009
Hey! Gotta scoot, but for everybody asking -- www.metarevive.com. Dr. Charles Powell in Irving, TX, developed it but you can buy online.

reapr 13 May 2009
This is how to get paid to submit photos to the internet make money online or make some extra cash on the internet http://snipr.com/hyzhz

OzzieEnglishman 13 May 2009
How to Cash in and Make Money Online: It's no secret that Internet marketing is heating up because real worl.. http://bit.ly/11N5J3

garynielson 13 May 2009
Study: Investors pay business plans little heed http://is.gd/zCrQ

PEHUB 13 May 2009
peHUB Second Opinion 5.13: It Begins: Oregon plans to use the New York pension fund scandal as a way to push bac.. http://tinyurl.com/r6gfmq

NewsChannel34 13 May 2009
Riverwalk Plans Finished Despite Lack of Concrete Funding http://tinyurl.com/pmdqj7

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