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derekfred 22 Jan 2009 shared via Twitter
Calling Optimum Online to figure out what's going on. Nothing changed in my Mac Mail settings but no emails are not going out. Any ideas?

GetSafeOnline May 21 shared via Twitter
It's Thursday again already! That means that at 11am, it's time for our weekly Facebook Live, hosted by who will be talking about checking your settings for the optimum safety. Join us, or email your questions to covid19@getsafeonline.org

OptimumHelp 6 May 2019 shared via Twitter
Hello there, there are no outages or service issues regarding the Optimum Webmail email. At this time, I suggest logging into the Optimum webmail directly online to send and receive emails, otherwise, please check your device settings or refer to the manufacturer for help.^Andre

derekfred 22 Jan 2009 shared via Twitter
Calling Optimum Online to figure out what's going on. Nothing changed in my Mac Mail settings but no emails are not going out. Any ideas?

PhillyD 21 Jan 2009 shared via Twitter
In case my YT account gets deleted, I will update you all via Email. Enter your email here http://tinyurl.com/cxeczw

loswhit 21 Jan 2009
I am in love with . Like sever man crush. In one quick email he just redefined all of you without you even knowing it. Tune in

Ihnatko 21 Jan 2009
Me am clever writer #1. Me finish column, send to editor, leave office. Attach last week's column to email, not today's. Me am win Pulitzer!

Vonster 21 Jan 2009
@JacMadsen All they need to do is save out my settings to a meta data file, upload to tivo.com and then apply to new machine. Ugh.

drwave 21 Jan 2009
email msgs sent in 2008: 28,991 (I don't want to calculate the other number) - sanity check: that's about 80/day - yup.

KimBeasley 21 Jan 2009
RT: Digsby allows you to access IM, social networks, email and so much more. .. http://bit.ly/C7fw

hrheingold 21 Jan 2009
It's the Web 2.0 disease -- creeping constant fear that one is falling behind on Twitter, RSS, email queue, Flickr, YouTube. Aiee!

danmall 21 Jan 2009
It's always rough when you have to add subheads in an email.

mkapor 21 Jan 2009
Sunlight Fdn: still no access to primary sources online re: new government openness. http://bit.ly/16MEF. I bet this will be fixed soon.

brianboyer 21 Jan 2009
The New News Cookbook, A collection of recipes for success online: best practices found, shared and edited by the journonerd community

CNN 21 Jan 2009
Online inauguration videos set records http://tinyurl.com/8nf3pe

sovrnholdings 21 Jan 2009
Ever get an email from Jacqueline, one of our community catalysts, & wonder if she's real? She is & we have proof: http://snipurl.com/ahvbb

JesseNewhart 21 Jan 2009
Simple Steps To Get Started w/ Online Video: http://bit.ly/hSMs

trammell 21 Jan 2009
Reading 's email that they now carry K-Swiss. Ping me when you carry LA Gear and we'll talk. http://tr.im/biu6 PS: [whistle] Travel!

amywebb 21 Jan 2009
Online News Assoc. seeks sponsorships for this year's conference. Go here for info http://is.gd/gLu5. (I'm on their Board of Directors.)

acarvin 21 Jan 2009
Just got an email from the planning committee apologizing to everyone with tix who didn't get into the inaug.

The_Nation 21 Jan 2009
Pakistan to review options if no change : WASHINGTON (Online) - Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Hussain.. http://tinyurl.com/7nmbpx

marshallk 21 Jan 2009
are you waiting for me to IM you to make sure I know you have a new job?? see http://readwriteweb.com/jobwire & plz email me about it :)

micropat 21 Jan 2009
shows first the services your visitors use, includes all services including email; more. Any Qs email pat at addtoany :)

ramit 21 Jan 2009
I increasingly hate people who think everything online should be free. Check http://cli.gs/2Bn1La, then http://cli.gs/A6Aa0v. Send me links!

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