optimum online email password reset - Felixwinqvist

dam6369 12 Jun 2018 shared via Twitter
I received an email from noreply@email.pcoptimum.ca re unusual activity online and that my password has been reset. Is this legit or a scam?

Belhelmelissa Mar 15 shared via Twitter
Nothing called me, I used the app and chose "forgot password" to reset because the app AND online weren't letting me log in. You sent me a link in email, not related tothis phishing scam... but your chatbot is useless and I can't seem to reach a human about this.

dam6369 12 Jun 2018 shared via Twitter
I received an email from noreply@email.pcoptimum.ca re unusual activity online and that my password has been reset. Is this legit or a scam?

CarolClcannon 8 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
Tried linking my Shoppers Optimum to my PC Optimum. Added my number and password and ....nothing. Don’t want to lose my Optimum points. Was supposed to receive an email...nothing!? Help please!

thotkween 2 Jul 2013 shared via Twitter
I'm trying to use my optimum email and password to log into an app but it's not working...

wintkat 3 Apr 2015
can’t seem to register with my email/password and yes it’s correct can you help thanks

pc_optimum 7 Feb 2018
It’s the same email and password to log into PC Optimum. If not you will need to register for a PC Optimum account.

GrimmLao 24 Jul 2017
my router changed its name/password to its defaults and now I can't access my settings online I keep getting internal error

bexxx913 22 Nov 2012
@StefanieeLynn well, you could watch it here: but you need to know the optimum email and password

bobdeb90 1 Feb 2018
Downloaded new app but won't link my optimum card/pts so says to go to store. Problems with password although finally took after 3x. This change is going to be difficult for seniors in our rural area who are not online. Hope store staff have been well trained!

ralphDrussoAP 26 May 2016
And I can't remember my damn Optimum password so I can't even watch the damn basketball game online. Awesome.

GitEmSteveDave 7 Nov 2010
Anyone willing to share their optimum online wifi password w/ me for my iPod Touch? :)

brianarchibald 2 Feb 2018
I used the same email to set up a PC Optimum account. When I use my PC Plus login and password to link to my PC Optimum it says it can’t verify my account. I tried calling yesterday but my call was cut off after 45 minutes. I really don’t want to go through that again.

dohbeedoo 12 Feb 2018
what am I supposed to do about this if I no longer have the physical card? What was the point of having a PC Plus app if I needed the card itself? I verified the account through the registered email, changed the password and still can't add the PC Plus account.

RobertoMiser 19 Oct 2010
Optimum Online - Sign In: Enter your Optimum ID and password to sign in. http://buzzup.com/1d15y_

buzzbishop 17 Feb 2018
My app randomly logged me out, won't let me log in, is showing an error, shows 0 points, wont recognize password. Password works online, shows my points. What happened? How can I fix it, please.

Bbillions 27 Jan 2012

imcarly 21 Sep 2015
that moment when your bill is due but online bill pay doesn't work and the online password reset is broken too

BklynBeauty_718 29 Dec 2017

NYC911 1 Nov 2010
So I enter a optimum online user name and just start hitting buttons as a password and it let's me in? COOL!

mvan89 2 Jun 2018
(1/2) Your website is absolute garbage!!!! Every time I try to pay my bill online, your system forgets my password and I have to TRY and change it. I say try b/c your site never lets me change it until after at least 10 attempts. Now I won't let me change it at all.

C_A_Todd 26 Apr 2018
.Is it time for everyone to stop shopping at and affiliates? Again news of points being stolen from which also means personal information. Tried to log in. Received email to change password. Got another error message. It's time for the truth Mr. Weston.

shnicholson 4 Apr 2018
Really concerned about the security of the iOS app. After changing my email address & password associated with account, the app remained logged in. It appears that a thief who initially gained access can keep access, even after password resets.

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