msft teams zone wireless - Felixwinqvist

JonasHistory Mar 11 shared via Twitter
Also, i'm using MSFT TEAMS for the first time to record the smartboard screen and my wireless mic audio. The lecture is posted to TEAMS for students who are staying home to access. Handouts are in OneNote. It's no replacement for students being in class, but it's something.

shanselman Mar 10 shared via Twitter
My Teams background

mkruz Mar 10 shared via Twitter
Was on an MS Teams call this morning for the first time and it was really smooth

sriramk Mar 10 shared via Twitter
Haven’t tried today: Skype, Webex, MS Teams/Slack

mattblaze Mar 10 shared via Twitter
"The New Rochelle Containment Zone" is definitely a normal phrase that is normal.

nwa Mar 10
First 4 Teams released for on April 19th in Atlanta, GA. 3 More Teams get automatic bids. 1 WildCard team determined in Battle Royal Order on - Tickets -

xGabikins Mar 10

ShanghaiSix Mar 10
Well, THIS is happening... See you on the drop zone, Redshirts.

“This is about more than just two teams having one competition.’’ The Ivy League canceled its basketball tournament, devastating players and coaches but admin says it had no choice.

MSFTMechanics Mar 10
Get the right people on board to boost Microsoft Teams adoption. Watch the video guide here:

widesky0802 Mar 10
40 rts and I'll deadass wear my high school prom dress to one of the Neo Zone concerts

miguel_jr___ Mar 10
My zone is not a comfort zone, you can’t compare me to you. ⚔️

Seems all this oil talk by Erdogan means he is interested in Qahtaniya/Ramalan zone. Deir ar Zour too far.

Dark_Wizzy_ Mar 10
No, boring because her only gameplan in this game is to zone when in s4 she could vroom

ELmagazine Mar 10
Teams that lean into norms often find that they ratchet up the “joy factor” of their collaborative work.

HouseMusicTV Mar 10
Containment Zone - Coronavirus, New Rochelle, New York. First look to see if there is any National Guard presence. You can see how scared we are even at Ground Zero.

Sometimes our comfort zone tells us little lies to stop us from facing difficult truths about ourselves or loved ones; and then we carry on living in denial. Let’s take a deep breath, look in the mirror & see our lives as they are, not as we want them to be. Let’s own our truths.

3HL1045 Mar 10
. talks about the rebuilding efforts after the tornadoes, the teams use of the franchise tag, the CBA and more.

2KLeagueMD Mar 10
Imagine teams In 2k20 with player ratings based on skills. What three 2k league players would have a 97+ rating? And 2k league players, what would your rating be?

theblaze Mar 10
New York calls in the National Guard, creates a 'containment zone' to combat coronavirus spread

BrendanAgans Mar 10
Southeastern hoops isn’t messin’ around in 2020 as they send both their men’s and women’s teams to the tournament this weekend

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