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Unbelievable. The things some people think are ok to do to attempt to control another person. The lastest stunt is astounding.
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One day...I hope people will stop worrying about who people sleep with...temper your thoughts with kindness and stop being an asshole!

Jer_Mcc 3 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
Ok I don’t usually do this but this tweet is extremely misleading. 1) the newest articles about this study are nearly 3 yrs old. 2) the 2/3 figure is from 1970-2020 not now-2020. 3) many experts disputed the validity of this study.

Boombearjr 11 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
If McC agreed to the vote, that would show Agent Orange that the wall money IS negotiable and he would have to compromise. By giving validity to the $5B, he will just try to wait it out. The Senate leader is not acting in the interest of the people.

Jaycee_McC 24 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
Downright BS that this is the business you run. I’ve gotten Amazon orders from China faster than this... I cannot trust the validity of any BS that Customer Service shares because I SEE NO IMPROVEMENT. SHIP. MY. SHIT. OLD. NAVY.

gee_karthik May 2 shared via Twitter
My work visa ( South Korea) validity Expiry in May 22, not possible to extern in india , please consider Indias life many people stuck in india , open outbound international Flight from india 😔

jdcanty 16 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Anyone checked the validity of the photos? Who is photographer? How’d they know to be there at that exact moment? Does MCC issue orange jump suits? Pictures I’ve seen are inmates in grey or brown. Simple questions seem to be going unasked.

payyaboy 6 Oct 2018
Our problem and quality is we are apt at camouflage and brushing under the carpet. indl joins fauj not his wife. Cdr can Command the one who is under him. Is there a constitutional validity of wife of One commanding other wives Issue is simple if honesty addressed

BenLeStrange 9 Mar 2019
Pretty sure he’s ready to jump ship now that he’s anticipating the 2 year transfer ban will get after breaching FFP. Don’t be surprised if this has some validity 👀

vikram_88 11 Apr 2019
Violation of in railway coaches pics attached. Please take necessary action & remove advertisements in memu train no. 69108 Coach no 21103 (in all coaches) today.All the advertisements have validity expired Election Comm.

sassnicholson Mar 16
There are reported cases of people getting it twice, so where is the validity in the idea that if people get it we’ll have herd immunity?

JEsquenaziMX 14 Dec 2018
With looming issues like MCC’s validity decision, Privacy Shield opposition growing, and , I’m not surprised.

steph_mcc_k 24 Oct 2018
Agreed Greg. I think there is validity in the role model argument, as the participation linkage between elite and the everyday Australian is weak.

Zella15475089 May 13
Please remove the visa validity clause. Concern shud be on type of visa, i.e. tourist visa shud be restricted. Please wisely put down clauses. We are loosing out on time n left with nothing but misery. Please take us seriously n help us unite with families. We are not touring!

barryh85 Feb 5
I'd say if you've been attacked, it's entirely your prerogative what you do next. It's also not for me or anyone else to decide the validity of it based purely on what you decide to do about it.

rao_sales87 24 May 2016
From ningbo to Manila 0/F: Refund 135/ 335 usd ETD: THU Carrier : MCC validity to 5/ june contact me on :

joseph_ams 25 Aug 2017
NCC 'C' Certificate holders utilise the opportunity before the 2 years validity ends, the life time opportunity to walk in for direct SSB

steph_mcc_k 3 May 2013
Early specialisation has as much validity as "the trickle down effect"

RealMGHarris 20 Apr 2019
What else can I use to gauge the validity of an argument about things in which I'm not an expert? It's a filter for minimal quality, that's all. Such research can still be wrong. In ancient history, where there's so little data, even moreso.

I don't think we are debating the validity of the idea as none of us are really in the position to influence the decision. Just trying to see what could be the best logical explanation that comes to my mind.

RocCityBuilt 28 Dec 2017
I went to MCC before going to UofR. Given the way community colleges are looked upon I don't generally mention that nor put it on my resume. It's public, but it doesn't speak to the validity of our points. Having inefficient govt reduces public services.

0ctavianX 16 Aug 2019
lol good one. As someone who studied/works with Social Psych, these tests have no validity whatsoever, but they are still fun to take lol.

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