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JoshuaHansonMD 4 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
Manuscripts from the MCAT Validity Committee are forthcoming! Watch here for updates:

JoshuaHansonMD 16 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Of note, my colleagues on the MCAT Validity Committee published three other really important articles with this one. One on preparation for the MCAT.

ucfppms Jan 17 shared via Twitter
💥Factual Friday💥 Research conducted by the MCAT Validity Committee finds that MCAT scores predict student performance in their first year of Medical school. Read more here ⬇️

JoshuaHansonMD 16 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Thank you! There are three other papers that the MCAT Validity Committee published and are available ahead of print as well. Anyone interested can find them here.

NAAHPInc 19 Jun 2016 shared via Twitter
New Validity committee to gather data on new exam includes president and past president.

AAMCProfDev 9 Nov 2015
Hear from validity committee members about Plans for Studying Validity of New Exam @ 10:15-11:30AM, 11/9, Center Ballroom-II

AAMCtoday 28 May 2010
Wall Street Journal blogs on June Academic Medicine article examining MCAT's predictive validity.

christobartley 28 Apr 2014
Standardized tests have good predictive validity. Do we fear the tests or the objective feedback?

AcadMedJournal 21 May 2013
The and the "validity puzzle" - read what 's thinks re: current and future exams:

Hlth_Literacy 27 May 2010
Declining Validity for

RevTwt 29 May 2010
TechCombo: Evaluating the Predictive Validity of MCAT Scores across Diverse Applicant Groups

edocarkansas 14 Mar 2013
What you know does matter! MT @wingofzock: The Predictive Validity of the Exam in Relation to Acad... :

medstudentwiki 14 Jan 2010
The Predictive Validity of Three Versions of the MCAT in Relation to Performance in Medical School, Residency, ..

keefer007 26 Apr 2015
highlights the history of the MCAT and the validity based on that history - great summary

drjfrank 9 Aug 2015
Haven't looked at MCAT for a while. There are a few papers suggesting prognostic validity...Just like all academic scores


alprincebags 31 Mar 2011
MCAT Score Validity

blnkminded 16 Jun 2014
@ruairi_jones yeah that takes a lot of validity out of what I'm saying I guess but I do listen to a lot of music outside of Mcat lol

HRBPrimaryCare 6 Mar 2015
Dr Maureen Kelly at Predictive validity? MCAT can predict future performance. UKCAT also. HPAT does predict year 2 peformance

usmleschool 26 Sep 2011
Validity of four approaches of using repeaters' MCAT scores in medical school admission...

UWaterlooCareer 26 Jul 2011
New version of the is in the works: . Three cheers for predictive validity!

EducateEarly 25 Jul 2011
New MCAT in the works: Then again, previous revisions have done little to improve the MCAT's predictive validity...

whole_patients 14 Jul 2011
Did Herbert mix up concepts of reliability & validity when she said MCAT wasn't reliable??

Russwarne 28 Apr 2013
Div I presentation shows that MCAT+college GPA predicts USMLE steps quite well.

uowgsmadmission 7 Apr 2015
Very interesting paper from Dr Casey at UQ on predictive validity of MCAT and GAMSAT at medical school.

Not_yet_an_RN 26 May 2014
In 2007 a study concluded that the predictive validity of the MCAT had a small to medium for school performance and board licensing exam

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