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Las Bicycletas, a sculptural installation by artist Gilberto Aceves Navarro (Kate Hinds/WNYC)
'Las Bicicletas' Hit NYC Streets | WNYC | New York Public Radio, Podcasts, Live Streaming Radio, News
SF MOMA, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Athens, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
LA Downtown, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Culver City, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Prague, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Street Art, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
New York, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Amsterdam, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Athens, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Seoul, Korea, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Berlin, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Seoul, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
SF Potrero, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
LA, Santa Monica, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Culver City, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)
Barcelona, (Photographed by Jeffrey Yoon)

jkeefe Mar 16 shared via Twitter
Thank you for your amazing work Kate Hinds!

nypl 11 Feb 2010 shared via Twitter
St. Agnes Library: Back in Business. Learn more about the library and its renovation with WNYC's Kate Hinds http://ow.ly/16tbf

evan_kapitansky Apr 25 shared via Twitter
Sorry for your loss Kate Hinds and WNYC.

Naparstek 11 May 2018 shared via Twitter
Kate Hinds: Editor at / voice in your radio / rider of the C train / mother of teenagers / tweets mostly about Great Horned Owls.

AllOfItWNYC 13 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Today📻: Musical artists "&More", fighting online stalking & sextortion, the history of NYC's nightlife, WNYC's Kate Hinds, & a new musical THE WRONG MAN. Guests: @TheWrongManShow We are on-air & streaming at noon . 🎙️

ftgfocus 25 Mar 2015
Can it be? Brand new train cars for the C subway line in 2017, MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz told 's Kate Hinds!

Whisperings and Musings with Kate Hinds

TerryNPirates 20 Jul 2019
Address for What's App? Nothing comes up searching for WNYC or Kate Hinds.

dfutoryan 22 Mar 2016
"The Thrill is Gone: NYC's Newest Subway Station Is Leaking" -- WNYC's Kate HInds: "The 34th Street-Hudson Yards...

edrads 25 Mar 2014
reporter Kate Hinds: too big to fail

andrewsiff4NY 29 Jun 2017
Is this Peak Kate Hinds?

Bartending201 14 May 2012
For Those Making Less, A Greater Chance of Being Hit by Cars: (Kate Hinds/WNYC) Three years ago, Sharon Rodrigue...

EconomyStory 17 Nov 2009
rt Welcomes Kate Hinds @ksh68nyc to for the collaboration linking pubradio and on stimulus stories

Chekpeds 26 Sep 2018

shhost10 20 Nov 2018
Wonderful!!! Happy Extended Kate Hinds Pledge Drive. 1/2 lb of lox is pure love.

NPRmageddon 29 Jan 2019
Kate Hinds. Planning editor in the WNYC newsroom. New York City.

EricMcClureBK 22 Nov 2017
You know it's a Kate Hinds news plan when vintage subway cars and kitten nurseries are among the evening's stories.

jamifloyd 16 Jun 2019
. Hinds teaches me something new. 5 borough token. And everything else.

WNYCListener 8 Aug 2015
@WNYCcommunity celebrates listeners - Jim O'Grady and Kate Hinds are insulting WNYC listeners on twitter

jimog 19 Dec 2012
Kate Hinds is on WNYC at 11:26 re: stalled plans to extend protected bike lane on Columbus Ave & how bike lanes effect commerce.

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