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This is an interesting idea - but I would change a few things. I would take away the negative - you don't get punished for cutting yourself. People self harm due to emotional pain.. I would have them turn their scars into butterflies - turn their pain to pure art & beauty.
Beauty is not defined by size
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Maybe we should be trying to make our future descendants proud rather than keep ourselves comfy, hmmm?
This makes me tear up! These are wonderful to read! Faith restored!!
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ZachWahls May 22 shared via Twitter
Aren’t there internal validity concerns without randomization of treatment? How do we know hcq wasn’t going to sickest/most desperate patients?

andrewbostom May 22 shared via Twitter
YUGE “pooled” obs study, n=96 032 (but still quasi-experimental/ of ? internal validity), raises more doubt about benefit of CQ or HCQ or HCQ + azithro, for hospitalized pts diagnosed w/covid19 Includes these reasonable conclusions esp. call for RCTs:

naked_statist 7 hours ago shared via Twitter
PhD, I worked with David Draper on developing frequentist methods to deal with this problem assuming that, under any *specific* model, it is best to use the Bayesian approach to make inferences about the parameters (internal validity). However, I was then hit over the head *5/6*

BosslerMario 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
My impression is that the debate is strongly focused on the internal validity of these studies, (which I cannot judge). 2/n

JamesG0ldsmith May 20 shared via Twitter
Genital mutilation, child rape, and honor killings exist in the world until this day, wtf? And no, the comparison doesn’t even have to exist in the world - thought experiments are important philosophical tools that allow us to test the internal validity of our theories.

To add adaptations or not to add adaptations, that is the question. Don’t want to weaken internal validity of an intervention but want it to better reflect the population it’s targeting. Thoughts? Is making changes to an intervention is OK?

causalinf May 22
Well sure in that sense projects are rival. But my point is ANY project will have at best internal validity; studying Chad is weird by your definition. So any understanding of some phenomena is likely to require analysis relevant to a given population. 1/n

andrewbostom May 21
It's just another quasi-experimental design observational study with no real internal validity....BUT so are all the negative trials the MSM bellows about. The only clear answers we will get are from pbo-controlled RCTs...Two of which are completed & in peer review

ethanbdm May 19
We then look for evidence in some setting s1 where we have a research design for the aee relationship between a measure of t and a measure of y. Here, internal validity is important bc the mechanism's implication is aee, so we want the aee relationship between our measures. 4/

SchatzEd May 23
...and not just. Quant scholars concerned about internal validity also should care.

BosslerMario 1 hour ago
If we set the bar to high w.r.t. internal validity, we won’t get any fast results, but this is what we currently rely on. /end

FrontNeurosci May 22
New Research: Toward Establishing Internal Validity for Correlated Gene Expression Measures in Imaging Genomics of Functional Networks: Why Distance Corrections and External Face Validity Alone Fall Short. Reply to “Distance Is Not…

Tsarorius May 22
RCT have good internal validity. They are gold standard to prove "experimental efficacy" (= efficacy) of a drug. RCT have poor external validity. They are bad at proving "real life efficacy" (= effectiveness) of a drug.

MattiasArvola May 26
Repeated testing with control group improves internal validity in quasi-experiments. No?

GrkStav May 23
"The requirements of internal validity are met at the cost of the external validity of the model-as-though-experiment.” The Alpha and the Omega.

HAL_AMU May 22
[hal-02275296] Internal validity of the French version of the Family Coping Questionnaire (FCQ): A confirmatory factor analysis by Léa Plessis et al.

cherilyntx May 22
no need-- it was perfect as is (internal validity; self-encapsulated, that sort of thing)…. maybe not complete like you want, but self-referentially perfect in the Koine Greek sense

baobaofzhang May 22
You could put attention checks before the experimental treatment in the survey and drop those who didn’t pass them. This would not threaten the internal validity of your estimates. Although this means that your results generalizes only to those who paid attention.

We don't approve drugs based on inference. We use a phase III study (sometimes a phase II) that has high internal validity and strong controls. We KNOW the data, we don't extrapolate it. When you extrapolate data you need to be very careful not to underestimate risks here.

No, there's definitely an error with internal validity Those results are too good

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