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Are you experiencing sharp pain in the joints of the fingers and stiffness in the morning? It may be signs of...
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#Arthritis #People may #experience due to #Arthritis • #Pain areas: in the joints, ankle, back, fingers, hands, muscles, neck, or wrist • #Pain types: can be #intermittent or sharp • #Pain circumstances: can occur while sitting • #Joints: stiffness, #tenderness, or swelling • #Muscular: decreased range of motion, difficulty walking, or muscle weakness • #Hand: bump on the #finger or bony outgrowth in fingers or toes • #Whole-body: fatigue or malaise • #Also common: flare, #neck stiffness
Vintage Copper Penny Ring | Handmade Anniversary Gift Good Luck Charm
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lseward 21 May 2010 shared via Twitter
Sudden sharp pain in the joint of my index finger due to, um, nothing. I'm icing, but the inability to type properly (or mouse) bites.

srslymaya 24 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
i have a sharp pain in my first joint of my index finger. webMD says i either have carpal tunnel or rheumatoid arthritis. how i'm feeling rn can be summed up into one photo:

dreamwatch 9 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
The joints on my index finger have been sore for a few weeks (I think from clenching in my sleep). I was massaging the larger joint and something happened, got a very sharp pain all the way down. Now cannot extend or raise the finger.

antcrab 16 Jan 2018 shared via Twitter
the DIP joint on my index finger hurts so bad and last night there was like a sharp stabbing pain in it and it got swollen so i guess it's time to cut it off

Colins_HotTakes 25 Jun 2018 shared via Twitter
This sharp pain in my index finger lately has become more centralized, so the very least, every movement of my joints there aren't causing me pain, but it's still mildly annoying. Hopefully it passes on it's own soon.

Anonamos_701 27 Sep 2016
Left Index finger all of a sudden underwent a sharp throbbing pain at the joint (joint closest to fingertip). Bah.

craigmyer 22 Jan 2013
Sometimes my fingertip joint hurts. The one at the very end of the index finger. It's a sharp pain I really don't understand.

lseward 21 May 2010
Sudden sharp pain in the joint of my index finger due to, um, nothing. I'm icing, but the inability to type properly (or mouse) bites.

GreatDismal 31 Jan 2010
Mind you, almost lost tip of right index finger to a Razel, last year. Supernaturally sharp. But my bad.

renka1029 22 Aug 2009
Sharp objects + me + early morning = dangerous :((( sliced open half my left index finger ;;;_;;;;

biloon 26 Jun 2009
I blindly put my hand in a travel bag of mine and sliced my finger open with a very sharp razor. Goodbye index nail! Was nice knowing ye.

dlpasco 30 Jul 2007
: :( Also, immediately caught myself scraping index finger across headphone jack edge to see how sharp it was.

simplyrecipes 2 Oct 2009
Cook's rite of passage? Sliced a little piece of index finger off today w/very sharp knife. OUCH. Karma for not paying attention.

unclespeedo 1 Feb 2009
cut a nice deep gash in my index finger with a very sharp axe, im like a firefighter without his hose

PaulLomax 23 Jan 2010
So much for sharp knives being safe knives. Cut a corner off my index finger, right thru the nail. The worst bit is I was chopping chillis!

Aust_News 19 May 2010
Mailbox claims postie's fingertip - A POSTIE'S index finger was severed recently by the sharp edge of a spring-tens...

Jannabee 15 Mar 2009
Sharp stabby pains in my right index finger. Time to step away from the comp for a while.....

paulwindo 14 Sep 2009
Just jabbed the sharp points of a broken mug into my index finger... "There will be (is!) blood"

mcaskill 7 Apr 2008
Cut my index at the joint by picking up a broken snap. Damn does hard plastic break sharp.

GarethJHorton 6 Oct 2009
jammed knife deep into r.h. index finger trying to remove weapons-grade plastic packaging from a new knife. Kitchen is blood Pollock

lizbeth4beauty 13 May 2009
Lacerated rt. index finger this a.m. in m/u trailer. Dark morning, sharp metal undr counter. Ouch! 4 sutures &a pink bandage! Insta day off!

sarahjanemelo 1 Sep 2009
Have you ever had that feeling that when you type, and your index finger feels like you poked it with something sharp? SO...WEIRD

lolAmbie 22 Dec 2009
i have a really sharp pain in my index finger..

ScurvyJake 21 Apr 2010
Just sliced my index finger with a Cutco chef's knife. Man those things are sharp!

blankenship 4 May 2008
I tried my best to filet my left index finger while fixing dinner but my bone was all "no way" and I was all "ouchy, sharp knives."

Crispyrat 13 Jun 2009
Phooey! New dryer + sharp vent kit = stiched up index finger! Pah what a pain!

Sopidaisy 18 Mar 2010
Just tested out my new knife on my left index finger. Yup, it's very sharp. Sharp knife + Lucy = missing piece of index finger. FML

Mason5280 20 Sep 2009
Sharp screw slipped + left index finger + power drill + water pipe support = screw thru nail and finger tip + bloody mess + pain x 10th OUCH

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