hydrangea plumecocq - Felixwinqvist

GabrielaLureti 2 minutes ago shared via Twitter
'A blue hydrangea' by Gina Brown

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kousama2016 May 24 shared via Twitter
💜Good evening dear friends 💜 In the deep forest.   I found a hydrangea. Does it seek the help of light? Is it proud?

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[180528] Red Velvet as Plants (Seul Ver) 💙 Hydrangea = White and immaculate ❤️ Magnolia =  Fair/clear 💚 Red Rose = Passionate red 💜 Forsythia = Cute and baby-like 💛 Pine Tree = she wants to protect her members and always be by their side

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BluHydrangea_ 7 hours ago
Happy birthday 💙✨

CatchWrestling 23 hours ago
Hana Kimura teaching others how to do the Hydrangea - her version of the Octopus Hold / manjigatame.

DottyVintage1 4 hours ago
A lovely hydrangea bush! x

ZaneHydrangea 19 hours ago
You played yourself

JustAGirl515 May 24
I have an empty spot in my landscaping plan. Lol I need a colorful plant. A big one, but one that doesn’t have a tendency to grow out of control easily. I’d prefer it to be something other than an azalea or hydrangea. Ideas?

Japanese fans are posting photos with which translates to “Let’s fill the timeline with flowers” since Hana means flower in Japanese. Here’s the Hydrangea and Tiger Lilly, in honor of Hana’s two finishing moves.

octothorpe84 May 26
Totally awesome!!! Really really love the 🥰💐💙✨🆒

BluHydrangea_ 19 hours ago
Aw babi you loook stunning 😍💙

Jobasha 3 hours ago
New climbing hydrangea silver lining planted. Note the key plant that needs to accompany each hydrangea. knows.

LindenGroveTO 2 hours ago

dumbbitchkuu 24 hours ago
i really want a big hydrangea piece tattooed on my hip to thigh.... i love them so much

dumbbitchkuu 24 hours ago
rt with your fav flower hydrangeas / 紫陽花 they're flowers that bloom during the rain season in japan, something i grew up loving because all my favourite places back home (kamakura, hakkeijima, my baba's back yard) had hydrangea gardens. they remind me of happy times.

naked_no_more 2 hours ago
Darlings. My hydrangea is flowering........

malek_shabaan May 23
Because of your skin tone, black/hispanic/arab etc.. people had to, so no don't tell me no one cares, EVERYONE CARES however u don't care because ur a typical white trash girl, Goodybye sweetie

No one: Me: LOOK AT ALL MY PRETTY BABIES!!!! 😍 (Lilac, Periwinkle, Bleeding Hearts, Hydrangea, Azalea)

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