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The Avenir Showflat Is Now Ready For Viewing
Many shopping facilities & amenities are found within the vicinity of The Avenir, such as Ngee Ann City along Orchard Road, Zion Riverside Food Centre Near Zion Road, Fairprice Orchard Grand Court, and more. It is is conveniently accessible to shopping malls like Great World City, 313@Somerset and ION Orchard Mall. Nature lovers residing at The Avenir Condo will find several relaxing spots nearby such as the Fort Canning Park and the Kim Seng Park.
We’re French: #food is important to us, and for that reason we also have an #organic vegetable garden and orchard nearby where we can produce what is not available from the local markets, such as types of tomatoes, chard, spinach and artichokes.
Beehive and plants | Plant & Flower Stock Photography:
Beehive integrated into the garden with flowers and wildflowers nearby #HeathcoteIvory
4 Tips for Growing the Best Strawberries | Empress of Dirt
Everything you need to know to grow fresh, delicious strawberries in your home garden or patio
The Best Applesauce Bread - Real Food Real Deals
Applesauce Bread Recipe from Real Food Real Deals -- I'd swap the white whole wheat flour for sprouted to make it real.
Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake Recipe | Yummly
Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake Recipe on Yummly
NV Chateau Grand Traverse - Traverse Bay Winery Cherry Wine, Michigan, USA (750ml)
WINEMAKER'S NOTES: This all-natural Cherry Wine is made in a sweeter style and is produced from a variety of tart cherries grown in nearby orchards. We cool fermented this wine in stainless steel tanks to capture the delicate fruit qualities, ripe cherry flavors, and beautiful color. Enjoy with barbecued foods, picnic
Foraging for Purple Dead Nettle: an edible backyard weed
Purple dead nettle is an easy to forage edible and medicinal plant that is most likely growing in your backyard or somewhere nearby! You've probably seen this "weed" and didn't even know that it has edible and medicinal uses.
Cherry Almond Preserves
Cherry Almond Preserves Recipe from Taste of Home
Farmhouse Rules- Poker Night with Aunt Jean
15 Things to Make with Apples
15 Things to Make with Apples - The Cards We Drew
The Best Peach Bread Recipe
Best Peach Cobbler Bread Recipe. Peach season is my favorite. We have a local orchard nearby that has some bomb diggity peaches and we can’t get enough of them. I love making this healthy peach cobbler bread, it’s the best peach bread recipe and my kids love it!
Watergate Cake is a super easy, retro dessert that is right at home at a church potluck or family dinner! Taste the nostalgia! {Brittany's Pantry}
The Day They Built This Wall [Smith and Schaffer are observing the "Food Republic", a food court nearby Orchard Road / Singapore] Lt. Morris Schaffer: "If I'm not mistaken, that's a entrance to a food court over there." Major John Smith: "No mistake, Lieutenant. This the headquarters of the Food Republic Alpenkorps." Lt. Morris Schaffer: "Oh, swell. Do you have any other surprises I should know about?" Major John Smith: "I thought you knew, Lieutenant. Why do you think we were chosen for this mission as if not to make social contact?" Lt. Morris Schaffer: "You mean we're gonna go up there? Mingle with the Singaporeans?" Major John Smith: "Of course. Why do you think we're dressed as Singaporean sailors?" Lt. Morris Schaffer: "We'll be recognized as strangers." Major John Smith: "Training troops come and go all the time. What are six new faces among 600 new faces?" Lt. Morris Schaffer: "Look, Major, this is primarily a British operation. I'm an American. I don't even know why the hell I'm here." Major John Smith: "Lieutenant, you're here because you're an American." [Quote borrowed and modified from "Where Eagles Dare" - 1968] Shot taken in Singapore, nearby Orchard Road. = text and photo by yushimoto_02 [christian]
My absolutely FAVOURITE place to shop - Singapore's Orchard Road
RECIPE: Caramel Apple Galette
Fall means apples and a welcome return to comfort food. It also means less daylight hours to get stuff done, so it’s best to keep things easy in the kitchen. This gorgeous and unbelievably satisfying dessert is simple enough for a weekday family meal...and equally impressive for special guests, especially when presented atop our stately 1761 Ash Round Server . One of our favorite Fall outings, repeated regularly throughout the season, is apple picking in our plentiful nearby orchards
Apple Sangria
This Autumn Apple Sangria recipe is a delicious fall season drink recipe to make when the weather turns cool and crisp – and nearby orchards are teeming with juicy apples and pears, ready to pick.
Apple tree... a memory for our apple orchard behind the house.
Fall is such a festive time of the year to connect with your friends and explore a plethora of activities. The scenery is always insta worthy, and the seasonal food is guaranteed delish. Here are a few adventurous ideas to do this fall with your girlfriends: Go apple picking in a nearby orchard Apple picking …
The Himalayan black bear sighting at Dachigam National Park 22 kms away from Srinagar Kashmir. They come down from the mountains looking for food and then venture into nearby apple orchards. ______ #himalayas #kashmir #bear #wild #travel #nature #explore #wildlife #mountains #forest #river #apple #flora #fruits #canon #wildlifephotography #canonphotography #exploremore #canon_photos #travelphotography #naturelovers #travelgram #delhi #mumbai #india #indian #nature_perfection #exploring #jungle #view
Stop the approval of GMO apples!
Friends of the Earth - Stop the approval of GMO apples! - If approved, unlabeled genetically engineered apples could contaminate conventional & organic foods including juice, baby foods, & applesauce—products predominantly consumed by children & babies... GMO apples may contaminate nearby organic & conventional apple orchards & could potentially cause valuable export markets to reject U.S.-grown apples, as has happened in the past when wheat & rice crops were found to be contaminated by GMOs.
How to Make Applesauce – A Couple Cooks
Apple picking is almost synonymous with fall in Midwestern America. What’s October without a good trip to the orchard? Alex was lucky enough to bring in a haul of apples from a nearby orchard (or, mom’s neighbor’s apple tree) a few weeks ago. What to do with pounds of apples? Make applesauce, of course!  I grew up
Get Fresh: CSA's in Ottawa - SavvyMom
We're dreaming of gardens full of veggies and orchards bursting with fruit. The best way to get your hands on all that locally-grown bounty? Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to get your share of a nearby farm’s annual crop—a bin of the freshest, highest quality food delivered to you all summer long.
Old Orchard Beach Little India MRT Station (NE7 / DT12) is located in Serangoon District. Serangoon is situated at the outskirts of the central city of Singapore. Residents of this district enjoy the convenience of getting to Orchard Road and Raffles Place through the accessibility of the area mainly by MRT or bus. Popular places to hang out in include the nearby Serangoon Gardens which boosts several types of hawker food, shops, restaurant and an exciting nightlife. Residences in Serangoon ra

tabunsho 15 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
This one is it ? , my apartment is located at Orchard Road. Its quite nearby to Marina Bay. Perhaps i can detour to that route for food hehehe

afzalistan 23 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
Throwback to this amazing Black bear sighting in 2014 at the Dachigram National Park, 22 kms away from Srinagar, Kashmir. They come down from the mountains in search of food and then venture into the nearby apple orchards.

WGME Apr 7 shared via Twitter
The Old Orchard Beach Salvation Army serves multiple nearby towns, and there is a great need for food donations as supplies dwindle:

BvilleSchool 10 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
Every fall students have “Apple Wednesdays.” We purchase apples from nearby orchards for students to have as a healthy snack. Students learn about the benefits of locally-sourced food and composting.

JediJenna 9 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Satori Mountain is crazy with the food stuff! Nearby is an area with a bunch of hearty radishes, safllinas, thistles, etc. all in one place. Another has a bunch of shrooms and ore. Good place to go every bloodmoon. But, yeah, that apple orchard is nuts.

skalfus 19 Sep 2010
where is Ochs orchard? We live nearby, in Edgewater.....see you at Whole Foods now and then...

diarmuidlyng 29 Aug 2019
Petter Berndulen from Irish/Swedish folk group This Is How We Fly toured for a year only eating food from the hand that grew it. He once travelled with only a suitcase apples from an orchard nearby the venue they played.

HJGardiner Jan 25
Found my fruit & veg shop ... this giant grew in the town nearby me in . Still on the shelf in January! Why are we importing apples instead growing orchards to sequester .

Do312 22 Oct 2018
Pie, cider donuts, caramel apples...all of your fall food dreams can come true with a trip to any of these nearby farms and orchards! 🍏

poswald 5 Dec 2008
@eeb 152 orchard. We were at it already and went to get food nearby. It officially starts at 9.

libby_chromasia 17 Jul 2009
Back from a BBQ with friends in a nearby village. Good food a wine...and an orchard for the children to run wild :-) Now ready for my bed!

LondonFoodFinds 13 Aug 2010
That sounds lovely.I rented a house in a cherry orchard nearby.Had great food from the market and oodles of the BESTcherries.

Normal_Wizard Feb 10
We could have public orchards and food forests striated throughout every single city, with intermittent free campgrounds where people volunteer for carpentry projects to build tiny homes for anyone who needs one, with nearby free bathrooms and $5 showers.

therapidian 25 Oct 2013
TOMORROW! Help glean the apples of a nearby orchard with volunteers from Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank:

SLCStatements 9 Nov 2012
Public garden and orchard sounds great--that way it would provide food and activity for nearby residents. It does…

simplyhbwh 18 Nov 2019
Would recommend Tanjong Pagar for food/desserts at Baristart Coffee. You can also go to a nearby mall (named 100AM), there's don don donki and daiso there to shop if you're interested. If not Orchard/Somerset for more shopping.

PAranger 16 Mar 2015
A Tom turkey on display with a nearby hen looking for food in the Orchard Glen picnic area of Foothills Park.

dadavies01 29 Dec 2018
Trickle down would be hell, because Walmart & grocery stores/markets would struggle to buy food to sell, truckers wouldn’t have food to ship, & our diets would contract to what can be grown/harvested nearby, if anyone signs on to work orchards & fields & harvest. /2

grizzzlay 8 Oct 2017
Phew, what a weekend of making food. I went Apple picking in a nearby orchard and made Apple…

kbarrett85 8 Jun 2019
Portland, Maine. Old Port waterfront for great beers, wine, and food/lobsters. Bring your own alcohol boat tours around the bay and great nearby breweries. Hop on the amtrack to Old Orchard Beach as well as Freeport for LL Bean headquarters and other local stores

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