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Restaurateurs are scrambling to purchase technology that enables customers to order food online. Can you blame them? Three years ago, more people still ordered food by telephone than online. Now, more than half of restaurants’ takeout orders originate online. Soon, restaurants that don’t allow customers to order online will be unable to compete and—ultimately—survive.
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You may not be able to travel right now, but these 9 iconic regional foods will come to you
9 regional foods you can order online, from bagels to BBQ - The Washington Post
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abbie_capper Mar 28 shared via Twitter
i need to do an online shop order for my great uncle 120 miles away from me, that can’t go out to get his own food (vulnerable) and no one near that can for him

passthemstickss 5 hours ago shared via Twitter
No Whole Foods near me. I guess I'd have to order online or something. I don't even know what they look like.

omegamarthadp Mar 31 shared via Twitter
i got voucher, shud i buy street food near me or order online food

growingwisdom Mar 25 shared via Twitter
If you don't have a bird feeder you could order one online and also get the food delivered. The feed store near me is actually taking orders over the phone, so I don't even have to go in the store. I find watching the birds and nature really helps lower anxiety.

terriblenachos Mar 20 shared via Twitter
If there’s a Whole Foods near you, they carry them. Even at the scaled down 365 Market locations! Or order online. Their whole lineup is delicious. And the cacao is certified slave free, a BIG selling point for me.

hungry_ads 19 Dec 2019
Best Restaurants & Food Delivery Near Me - order online Quickly find real time nearest best restaurants & Order Online for your Food. All good deals always float to the top. Read more:

KHateborn Feb 23
I'm glad the Walmart near me actually has this in their stock. Normally I'd have to either order them online and have it shipped or go to an Asian food market somewhere.

omcintyre Mar 15
The stores near me are sold out of ther dog food we use. I had to order it online and won't get it until Tuesday. I'm hoping what we're have lasts until then.

GeordieClarke Mar 25
👆 This. And many off-licences (all of the ones near me) also sell food that people might not find in the barren supermarkets. Plenty of people can't order online either. In that regard, they provide an essential service

gstqfashions Apr 8
when do y'all plan on allowing people to order prescription food online for curbside pickup? I noticed your employees aren't being given masks or gloves (at least at the location near me) and I'd really like to avoid in-person buying. What gives?

MattyzMommy 23 Dec 2019
I plan on buying them for my son. I dont have an ulta beauty or Whole Foods near me so I have to wait until I can either order them online or go where there is one. Glad you like it. Can’t wait to try it on him. I love the dry shampoo that I have.

Also wish the Chinese near me done online orders cant believe its 2020 and I still need to interact with another human to order food

RelynnDare Feb 18
Ooo, I'll have to order online. No whole foods near me. Welcome to the burbs. lol Thanks for the tip. As a nurse my nails are jacked.

infinnityeq Apr 1
A lot of stores (at least near me) for pet food and that kind of thing offer drive through pick up! Order online, open the trunk, and they put it in for you! Not available everywhere, but convenient when it is

Pankajcjangid Jan 26
I've ordered food from a near by restaurant and made an online payment but the order has not been confirmed yet and when I called the restaurant they said they haven't received any order from me. Please help

JeffJRider Mar 20
- ok, I did an online order I went to pick it up they wouldn’t allow me in to grab and pour my drink, grab my own fork. Yet they allow only 3 customers in at a time to stand, breath near food and pour drinks them self’s for in store order. MY ORDER WAS MADE WRONG!

paulisageek Mar 25
Carole, believe me, I want to stay in. I work from home. Wife is working in school looking after NHS workers' kids. It is *impossible* to order food online. Local village shops have nothing or are closed. The only option is to drive to a near-empty supermarket. We NEED to eat.

LadyEzrabette Apr 11
As of now her policies have made it near impossible for me to get food. I am poor so I cannot order food online . So she has fucked me over for one so impeach her ass.

Prolly like Whole Foods or I forgot this other supermarket but that’s all the way past me near cherry hill! Or order it online

Not if you order food online. When I walk in my backyard I’m not near anyone. The difference between me and you is I don’t need the government telling me who I can and can not trust. If my Grandma tells me that she’s been staying at home and ordering food online, I trust her.

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