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AllieVaughn0497 Apr 19 shared via Twitter
Me searching “food open near me” at 2am on a week day during quarantine

Wakashame Mar 21 shared via Twitter
Never thought I’d be googling: “What food places near me are open during quarantine? 😷

JoyAnnReid Mar 15 shared via Twitter
And what most struck me was the poverty and lack. People didn't have access to lots of food. We saw doors left open because there's no A/C and people were sleeping on mattresses inside these beautiful old mansions seized by the revolution and turned into apartments.

lentondrives Mar 15 shared via Twitter
If you’re out and about in or near Lenton at all, Pop down to by the Savoy. They have only been open since Christmas so really need continued support - and they do the most healthy delicious food and smoothies to give you an extra boost😊👍💕

awes0mejackie Mar 18 shared via Twitter
Hello, during this epidemic small businesses are getting hit pretty hard. Although we are not open for dine in we are doing call in and to go orders. Please RT, there might me a potential customer on your TL. Authentic Mex. Food 🥘 1002 Hogan Street Houston Tx❤️ (713) 485-6426 – at La Casa Bakery & Cafe

eastvanbrand Mar 16
OPEN CALL TO FOOD SUPPLIERS IN VANCOUVER. With restaurants currently closing voluntarily and soon mandated, we're still making almost 10,000 meals a week for the city's most marginalized. If you have stock to move ASAP we don't have tons of cash, but we have some. HIT ME DIRECT

bluexheeta Mar 19
U-Cha is Castro Valley has a really nice owner and really good food! He asked me to share on social media that they are open!! You can call in to order: +1 (510) 398-8058 20566 Redwood Rd Castro Valley, CA 94546 United States Support small business ❤️

DevonESawa Mar 13
My wife just informed me that if you get the Coronavirus you have to stay in a locked off room by yourself and people have to bring you food and you can’t leave or open the door.

Hi Bela. I can open one of my kitchens, lets look for cooks or chefs who can volunteer. That way we can make more food. This an inexpensive approach so you can provide more food. Let me know.

AnasSarwar Mar 16
Do you live in Glasgow? Then please read this open letter & let me know if you can help. There will be people in our communities who feel isolated, with little food or medicine. They may be elderly &/or unwell. Let’s come together & use our collective resources to support them.

iamdorasnow Mar 18
Hi hows your day? It is my first day my country having a lock down. What have you been up today? its the same for me but without any food stores open D: Any good movies /dramas/animes? Help me reach my goal! 👉👈 Currently 78%! 💖 👉Rt Game Is Going On!

JoeBrunoWSOC9 Mar 20
Golfers are in the clear A spokesperson at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Joint Information Center tells me public and private golf courses will remain open this weekend. They can serve food as long as it is take out

SirSpencerPug Mar 15
Please join me in prayer for our medical professionals, all those in contact with the public, those who can’t work & are without paychecks, schools that are still open & the elderly & families who may be doing without essentials & don’t have enough food. 🙏🌎

nickmelvoin Mar 16
🚨Update for families: Find an LAUSD "Grab and Go" Food Center near you--starting Wednesday, 3/18, 60 sites will be open to provide free meals to kids.

We are OPEN today. No panic buying! Just local fresh produce, store cupboard necessities and pick-me-up barista coffee and delicious food to eat in or take out. Risdons barber shop is also OPEN as usual.

beardedjourno Mar 16
Bristol food & drink businesses that are staying open: what are you doing to prepare for the next few days, weeks and months? How can the people of Bristol help you? Do please let me know so I can write a roundup story on in order that we can all support each other.

ulyahusamudin Mar 20
Hai. A few IIUM mates and I are going to help some students in IIUM whilst the quarantine. Food is so far ok. Things like sanitary pads and others are scarce since Mahallah kiosks are not fully open. If anyone wants to pitch in. DM me!

shomaristone Mar 17
Young Woman HELPS ‘Terrified’ Elderly Couple Get Food, Inspires Others to Pitch in. The elderly woman “cracked her window open a bit more, and explained to me nearly in tears that they are afraid to go in the store."

LaurenKGurley Mar 20
Update: Whole Foods has now confirmed to me that two employees at its Manhattan stores (Bryant Park & Columbus Circle) tested positive for Covid-19 this week. Both stores are open & the company still hasn't offered unlimited paid sick leave to workers.

HamiltonsEdin Mar 19
Given the current climate and the stress that everyone is under, we have put together a wee pick me up menu for food and drink, which will be available as long as we are open, and we intend to stay open while we can. You can call to place and order and we’ll have it ready.

BeyondMeat Mar 20
Food Brings Us Together: What restaurants near you are still open for take-out or delivery and serve Beyond Meat? Share the location for others to enjoy!

lizzyaranda Mar 18
Customer: I am so so happy you guys are open !! I am so bored working from home Me on the verge of unemployment, hours cut, poor and working my food industry job during quarantine:

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