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We have rounded up some random food thoughts that actually make sense if you think about it.
you present a good point, ron. [parks & rec]
Parks and Recreation Season Five Episode 12: Ann's Decision. "Is a gerbil marrying a rabbit?"
Very pointless argument. I may not be a vegan but I try to stand by the ones who don't push their diet in our faces all the time. People don't need to be bashing vegans, either. Let's all just eat what we want!
"And if you ever need self-validation / Just meet me in the alley by the Railway station / It's all over my face" - THE SMITHS - (Cover Art for the Album "Meat Is Murder", 1985. The sleeve uses a 1967 photograph of Marine Cpl. Michael Wynn in the Vietnam War, though with the wording on his helmet changed from "Make War Not Love" to "Meat Is Murder")
Internal Acceptance Movement
WAYS WE BODY SHAME: 1. Saying things like, "she would be so pretty if..." 2. Judging other people's clothes 3. Making it an "us vs. them" thing 4. Avoiding the word "fat" 5. Making up body parts 6. Congratulating people for losing weight 7. Using pretend compliments 8. Thinking of women as baby-making machines 9. Sticking your nose in other people's exercise routines 10. Playing dietitian
What in the world is the big stink about the Netflix documentary What the Health? Some critics say it’s an in-your-face film about why meat is bad as well as other things you are currently eating. But experts are saying that it does make some valid points even when they don’t agree with the entire …
The Top 12 Excuses People Give For Not Going Vegan... And Our Responses To Them. by Ari Solomon - Feb 6, 2014
Sexy disabled skunk on Instagram: “It was the chair I swear”
Sexy disabled skunk on Instagram: “It was the chair I swear”
do you need anything - Dump A Day
do you need anything
How Gross Is The Gym?
How Gross Is The Gym? Answer: 5 out of 5 public shower hair balls - High Gloss and Sauce
#coupons #promocode Coupon Caress body wash get your printable Caress body wash coupons ($1 off) along with Scentmate Axe for a whole
Trump's Biggest ICE Raid Yet Exposes Worker Exploitation in the Meat Industry
Trump’s Biggest ICE Raid Yet Exposes Worker Exploitation in the Meat Industry
Coconut Oil Hairball remedy | Meow Lifestyle
Coconut oil used as a hairball remedy for cats.
$25 for $50 Worth of Teppanyaki-Style Meat and Seafood on Monday–Thursday at Kobe Steak House
Groupon - $ 25 for $ 50 Worth of Teppanyaki-Style Meat and Seafood at Kobe Steak House. Groupon deal price: $25.00
Prideful Midi Dress - Black
Vietnamese Beef Meatballs Soup/The Skinny Pot
Vietnamese Beef Meatballs Soup/The Skinny Pot
Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans - Medium Blue Wash
Portuguese and Brazilian Cuisine for Two or More or Four or More at Adega Portuguesa Restaurant (Half Off)
Groupon - Portuguese and Brazilian Cuisine for Two or More at Adega Portuguesa Restaurant in Honolulu. Awesome deal! :)
Dates With Babe Ruffle Dress - Red
Searches that found my blog
Funny blog from a Mom/Paralegal (not me!) and what web searches directed people to her blog. Great for laughs!
A Wildly Tasty Chicken LOL moment for you.
Wildly Tasty Chicken motivation and humor for your farm friends. Pasture raised chicken and eggs delivered to your door from our farm. No antibiotics, no hormones. Chicken that is raised outside on green pasture, in the fresh air and sunshine . Chickens are moved each day to new grass, ensuring that you get only clean, healthy, nutritious meat and eggs.
Bite Size Vegan
Animals deserve validation. When we speak of them as if they are dirty, worthless, stupid, disposable “its” lacking any identity or value, it allows us to stay disconnected to the reality of what we are doing to them. We treat them like property with out actions, our language and our laws. We devalue them in the most casual of contexts ☆ Language has power. Let’s not use it to continually devalue and victimize animals, but instead to validate what they are going through, with words that ...
Re-heating Red Meats
How To Reheat Red Meat Without Sacrificing Flavor or Texture
Ruff Around The Edges Ruched Dress - White
Ruff Around The Edges Ruched Dress - White

francisdeng 6 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
I'm sure you can come up with an arbitrarily offbeat metric of success in medical school that doesn't correlate with MCAT. The value of the nuance depends on the face validity of that metric and how well it discriminates students.

C_Wolbrecht 14 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter

dylanwiliam 20 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Second, while face validity is completely irrelevant to validity as currently understood by psychometricians, it can be quite important for legal purposes, because US courts have often used face validity as a factor in their deliberations.

jlevy2 12 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
Another option than IQVIA would be to use the aggregate net rebate reported in pharma price transparency reports. Also problematic, but another data point. We found, these reports had some face validity compared to VA prices here:

CeriWoodrow 11 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Validity study for the DSD tool is out! Good work Trixie!! ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ Practicality, utility and face-validity of the dynamic support database | Emerald Insight

badnetworker 30 Aug 2019
We note that it is the case that this meme has high face validity.

Damian_Roland 17 Jun 2019
We love talking about petechiae above and below the nipple line in relation to meningococcal dis. The actual evidence of this is based on a mere 200 patients.. It’s dogma that spread like a virus. Has such good face validity but is it fact Dr. Tom Waterfield explores

dylanwiliam 20 Sep 2019
First, "face validity" is not, technically speaking, an aspect of validity at all, as it is concerned with whether the test looks like it is testing what it claims to be testing, not whether it actually does so.

dan_adams84 8 May 2019
FACE VALIDITY is the extent to which a test is subjectively viewed as covering the concept it purports to measure...In other words, a test can be said to have face validity if it "looks like" it is going to measure what it is supposed to measure.”

cristobalyoung5 23 Nov 2019
Face validity” is an under-rated test in social science today. Your results should not just sound cool, but also square with known facts

talyarkoni 27 Jul 2019
(I'm not sure if you meant "face valid" as a joke or not. FWIW, for the vast majority of tasks used in fMRI, face validity is the *only* form of validity that one could plausibly claim—and even that's usually a stretch.)

larshinrichs1 19 Aug 2019
Well I think a lot of people are paying for it though... My point was: Where is face validity located? Do you have to be a non-expert on something in order to make a judgment on its face validity? If you are an expert, doesn’t that make your impression more than face-level?

zakkohane 5 Aug 2019
Oh come on! Point out to your NIH program officer that this does not have face validity.

simonjhix 11 Sep 2019
No-one believes rankings. Clearly biased towards UK universities, and the top 10 doesn’t pass the simplest face validity test. Utter rubbish! Sadly symptomatic of modern Britain

TheSGEM 29 Mar 2019
I work in a rural ED with limited resources. Sure it has face validity to use mCPR in these environments. However, this way of thinking has fooled us before. Demonstrate POO before purchase of any mCPR.

MyHarmReduction 18 Oct 2019
I feel like this study has a lot of face validity based on my own experience on twitter. Interestingly, I just used the calculator and I am like the women in their study- 54% of who I follow are women, 55% of my followers are women, & 55% of my RTs. You?

Shaun_McLaren1 23 Jun 2019
2/2 As well our paper showing face validity (⬆️ RPE-T for skills and speed training), evidenced similar in this nice study cc/

emcrit 19 May 2019
yes this. and original cisatr. work never had face validity

PatrickRuffini 4 Dec 2019
It's surprising how many people never check the face validity of their fancy ML model

PulmCrit 5 Aug 2019
careful, this study design is notoriously faulty. this mortality difference is probably correlational rather than causal. it lacks face validity that starting heparin in the ED vs. floor would make such a huge difference.

tylerburleigh 22 Sep 2019
Wow, that's some face validity right there! 😙👌

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