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johnfinnes May 26 shared via Twitter
If you are a vet trying to manage a canine lameness case over teleconsult, this paper describes a tool that could help you. Over 10,000 views since published

NSCA 16 Aug 2014 shared via Twitter
JSCR Most Popular: Establishing the Criterion Validity and Reliability of Common Methods for Quantifying Train...

EmeryNoahN May 23 shared via Twitter
Couldn’t agree with you more. My comment was meant to highlight that # of pubs lacks important criterion validity and along with skill/readiness it’s also capturing impact from other factors, many contextual and systemic. Thus, using it as the primary metric is less than ideal.

Hlth_Literacy 28 Nov 2016 shared via Twitter
Communities That Care Brief Scale: Psychometric Properties & Criterion Validity [a] HT

DerekGriffin86 13 Feb 2014 shared via Twitter
In terms of criterion validity, it remains to be determined. 2/2

scotmorrsn 25 Mar 2014
Establishing the criterion validity and reliability of commo... : The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

ylelkes 29 Dec 2017
to test how well a set of indices measure the same thing, we test its criterion validity in this forthcoming paper:

RichAkenhead 8 Aug 2013
Will hopefully have a paper published soon (under review) on criterion validity & reliability of the S4

hardsci 12 Oct 2017
Criterion validity is hard though. What's the criterion, how do you measure it equivalently across a university, how do you analyze?

pp0196 10 Aug 2019
What does this say about the criterion validity of GRE ? hint: bad. And i m amaze that people use only criterion validity(like correlation with some metric of success) for an admission test. You need metrics of improvement over random admission procedure.

OMTVenezuela 27 Jun 2014
Criterion validity of manual assessment of spinal stiffness.: Criterion validity of manual assessment of spina...

DerekGriffin86 23 Feb 2016
do not have criterion validity. To suggest that pain in tendinopathy always remains localised needs

MSSEonline 24 Apr 2015
Ahead-of-Print: Criterion Validity of Competing Accelerometry-based Activity Monitoring Devices.: Purpose: The...

leehphysio 26 Apr 2017
The reliability and criterion validity of 2D video assessment of single leg sq... really pleased to get this out

bnbakker 9 Oct 2019
. and I find evidence that extreme long batteries (NfC/B5) are not per se necessary for criterion validity. But really brief one's are really undesirable. Trick is to strike a balence:

bmwiernik 27 Nov 2016
Also, the "self-serving bias"--i.e., the "general factor of personality"--appears to have criterion validity

ShowsHistory May 24
It’s called criterion validity. Your polls don’t have it. You’ll learn these things when you go to college

cecilejanssens 4 Sep 2019
New article: "Validity of polygenic risk scores: are we measuring what we think we are?" Introducing and explaining three main types of validity that are considered in the evaluation of tests and measurements: construct, content, and criterion validity.

NickyRidgers 10 Jul 2016
NEW ARTICLE: Criterion validity of ActiGraph & activPAL in classroom settings

Which is most valuable to a psychologist construct, content or criterion validity in evaluating each of the following types of tests: an achievement test, a projective diagnostic test, and a job-proficiency test?

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