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The Bitcoin halving 2020 countdown, with a chart of the previous halvings in Bitcoin history. This is the most accurate halving on-chain countdown online.

CryptoMaing 24 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
If crypto is a hedge for stocks, we'll see the biggest bull run in history as he nears the end of his term. Coincidence it'll coincide close to Bitcoin's halving dates?

Bitcoin4Bailout Apr 21 shared via Twitter
Bitcoin Halving date History. This section will take a look at the two previous halvings. 2012 Halving. The 2012 block halving was the first and it happened on November 28th, 2012. New BTC per block before: 50 BTC per block New BTC per block after: 25 BTC per block

Nacho_Bitcoin 7 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Between those first two halving dates, bitcoin price rose 54x. If history repeats and we do 54x between the 2016 and the 2020 halving dates, that would put the price at $34,992 on the May 2020 halving date.

cryptowords Jan 7 shared via Twitter
We're going with "halving" to talk about the concept of the block reward being reduced at a specific point.✂️But "The Halvening" refers to the event/momentous date in Bitcoin History. 🎉

msmuc1 May 10 shared via Twitter
2016 history Bitcoin Halving: The Most Important Date In Bitcoin - Blockgeeks

cryptoexpl0rer 31 Mar 2019
Let me know your opinion 😎 I think: history repeats itself 😉 Reward-Drop ETA date: 24 May 2020 - The Bitcoin block mining reward halves every 210,000 blocks, the coin reward will decrease from 12.5 to 6.25 coins. #2020 ▫️ Already heard …

bitrawr Apr 27
Don't be late to the party! Most halving date estimators use 10 minute blocks to calculate the estimated date. Of course, blocks have been mined at less than 10 minute intervals for almost all of Bitcoin's history. Use this instead.

matthewryancase 26 Mar 2019
I like data points and in short history of bitcoin data shows us that after each halving of BTC a bull run followed. A BTC ETF from VanEck at the latest could be a go Oct 2019 - looks like a Jan 2020 date would be in play for the launch and it times just prior to 2020 halving

ikkurty May 11
Today is a historical date to remember. The 3rd bitcoin halving. It changes history because bitcoin's inflation rate is same as gold. Now gold is valued at $8 trillion. How much is bitcoin worth today?160 billion.

CryptoWeeWee Apr 25
One of the most important dates in history is about to occur. Are you prepared?

SamTheCarpetMan 18 Oct 2019
The blue vertical lines are the halving dates for . Will history repeat itself?

brain_3434 May 5
6 days until 3rd halving on history! Save the date! May/11th/2020 Last time we had an awesome 18 bullish months Ready, loading here 🚀🤤

BTC__Blockchain 4 Jun 2018
Reward-Drop ETA date: 27 May 2020 00:56:21 Bitcoin halving, this will be saved in our new history books Your grandkids will be gratefull if you save them 0,01 BTC

MorganArden 10 Jun 2019
History shows Lite flattens out or starts to drop right at or after the halving. I have August 1-6 as my be careful dates. If I am satisfied with profits in that area, I am gonna sell and buy one whole Bitcoin to ride to end of year or to its halving next May.

The average person knows nothing about this, but one day it will be remembered as a very important date in history. is a lifestyle. Not for the weak. 💪🏽

JRNYcrypto Apr 17
Before the 2nd Halving there was a huge pump and then people sold after the event. Of course, this also lead to the best year for crypto to date. Will we see history repeat and get $10-12k BTC before the halving event? This time there is much higher search volume also.

CaDabbler 8 Sep 2019
1/We have 8 months until the most critical red letter date in Crypto history since the Bitcoin White Paper was released. During the 8 months before the much lesser known Litcoin halving occurred LTC rose over 400%. If Bitcoin only matches that performance it will bring in over

CryptoKirby 22 Apr 2018
I hope no one is forgetting about the halving in 2020... The FOMO run in the months leading up to the June halving date will probably be the most parabolic we've ever seen in history Mainstream awareness, presumably a $1 trillion+ crypto market cap + FOMO... 🌕 🚀

TheMadHakker 26 Jan 2018
Biggest in history to date! Someone Stole Almost Half a BILLION Dollars from Exchange — by

ErikVoorhees 7 Aug 2013
Important date in monetary history - August 7, 2013. US District Court: "Bitcoin is real money."

bitcoininfo 26 Nov 2013

UKTNofficial 9 Jan 2017
. explores the history of bitcoin and the impact it has had to date

CarpeNoctom 15 Feb 2016
1D and 1W charts with commentary Bold prediction ~$570+ by halving date Fundamentals be damned.

HostingOutlook 6 Jun 2016

NuitDeboutUSA 28 Feb 2018
Why Bitcoin is the Purest Form of Money to Date. A History of Money. -

cryptosaver_io 15 Apr 2018
Welcome to our Crypto-bible: The always up-to-date guide on the history and evolving life of cryptocurrencies.

dileban 6 Feb 2018
Genesis of word 'hodl', no different to 'hold', dates back to Dec 18, 2013 when bitcoin crashed from its ATH that year. A concerned trader holding BTC refused to fix mistake the second time, rest is history. Original post worth reading.

coinjunky 9 Nov 2017
I would say a major fork proposal getting retracted is a good time to update this growth chart. I also added in the estimated date for the next reward halving.

bitcoinpoet 12 Jun 2016
What date does halving happen at ?: When does the 2016 halving happen ? Is it a predicted date for i...

CoinDesk 4 Sep 2015
Check out our interactive timeline to get a detailed history of bitcoin-related events in India to date

PeterHoskinsTV 29 Nov 2017
The year-to-date chart really is something to behold. The crypto-currency was either one of the most undervalued assets in history at the start of 2017 or we are now in major bubble territory...

benjaChomin 28 Feb 2018
Why is the Purest Form of to Date. A History of Money.: History of Money We all use money and spend significant portions of our lives working for it, but what is it? Money in its simplest form is a medium of exchange, unit of…

MEKhoko 30 Jun 2016
Bitcoin Halving Countdown Clock: Est: Reward-Drop ETA date: 09 Jul 2016

ep_qc 21 Apr 2014
A few key dates in the history of Mt. Gox

iamcryptoshiva 18 Jan 2018
Possibly. Although history has shown whether with or with other forks, being the obvious exception, that once the new fork is created, the price of the existing reduces after the snapshot date.

Justin_DF1 7 Apr 2018
Litecoin, Bitcoin halving dates: 7 Aug 2019, 30 May 2020. Halving means significant price increases likely. What is halving?

Egon_01 10 Apr 2018
Have you ever thought about it that you might be on the wrong side of the history? I can read between the lines that you would like to secretly date BCH, but you are stuck in an unhappy marriage with Bitcoin Core. Well, folks cannot be forced to their luck. 🤷‍♂️

Bitcoin_Bruh 22 Mar 2018

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