bentyl and drug test - Felixwinqvist

medschat 21 Jun 2011 shared via Twitter
" I had taken some bentyl for stomach ache and i am trying to get a job that requires a drug test will bentyl http://PD0.US/F219107

ingridmusic 21 Jun 2011 shared via Twitter
i am listening to songs for my new album and trying to figure out which ones to cut. 22 song albums are so not in right now...

WaPoFood 21 Jun 2011 shared via Twitter
Make a batch tonight: 's and @Graffiato's Olive-Oil-Poached Cherry Tomato Sauce

UnitecNZ 21 Jun 2011 shared via Twitter

channingtatum 21 Jun 2011 shared via Twitter
The release date was moved and is now July 25th in the UK. I have now fixed the last post and calendar. Thanks! -

AndresCorson 21 Jun 2011
A beautiful sunset from my office. A good time to take a breakfast and think about my wife. Love you Ro!

heybchap 21 Jun 2011
RT I speak three languages: ENGLISH, SARCASM, AND PROFANITY.

CinemaBlend 21 Jun 2011
Megan Fox And John C. Reilly Have Parts In Larry Charles' The Dictator

craigstone_ 21 Jun 2011
They say the grass is greener on the other side. But I have pulled out miles and miles of grass and several trees. And it's all brown dirt.

Wil_Anderson 21 Jun 2011
If Miley Cyrus is going to cover Kurt Cobain then the least she could do is commit to the heroin and shooting herself part too

SamRo 21 Jun 2011
"When we last went through a depression in Europe, and we had this scale of austerity, it gave rise to the Nazi party."

sfbg 21 Jun 2011
Fun Shopping Alert: The Treasure Island Flea In addition to antiques and collectibles there are independent...

emilyjramey 21 Jun 2011
Another fabulous purchase! Absolutely LOVE their shoes and even better, these are SPARKLY!

itsz_kayy 21 Jun 2011
Apologizing dnt mean you were wrong and others were right. It means you value your relationship with that person more than your ego.

ICONic22 21 Jun 2011
RT if you love Vinny and you love his Cat Daddy

TheRealDiamondJ 21 Jun 2011
Kill the and beef.. Y'all are ALL black.. Nobody wins.

elizabethprata 21 Jun 2011
The End Time: Let's have a conversation. Emergent buzz words and the error of believing the lie.

onbeing 21 Jun 2011
Sometimes I find this piece so overwhelming I simply weep and thank the stars for Philip Glass:

iSocialTish 21 Jun 2011
There’s a thin line between “I should do a status update about that” and “I should talk to a therapist about that” Just sayin' :)

Branch_Davidian 21 Jun 2011
Okay I saw the comments from and would agree they were anti-Semitic

LollyDaskal 21 Jun 2011
Welcome LFW family, how you honor me with your greetings and presence at tonight's chat!

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